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Request a Module

Process for Application

  1. Application
    The Mobile App Team will review App Module Request form submissions on a monthly basis and, if the application request is deemed appropriate, schedule a meeting with the applying department to discuss details in depth.

    For questions about the application, contact

  2. Evaluation
    If the request is deemed appropriate for the app's audience, the request moves on to the Evaluation phase.
    Please note this phase does not mean the request has been accepted yet and could still be deemed not appropriate for the app.

    The applying department will meet or email with the Mobile App Team to discuss all elements of the requested module. If the App Team determines that the applying department’s request is (a) practical, (b) cost-effective, (c) beneficial to the app's audience, and (d) sustainable, the App Team will then develop a plan of action.

  3. Plan of Action
    The App Team will develop a plan of action that involves both design and technical implementation. The plan of action will include plans for implementation and plans for sustaining and maintaining the app module over time.
    Some modules will require that an applying department provide funding. This could include purchasing software or costs paid to Modo Labs for modules that require programming development.

  4. Implementation and Maintenance
    After the plan of action has been reviewed by all parties the APP Team will implement the new app module.

    The newly implemented modules will be submitted to publish through the Kurogo system after a review by all parties.The plan of action will specify which departments are responsible for maintaining the content of the app module. Modules that are not regularly maintained, used by the app users, and/or populated with relevant content may be removed from the app.