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About IITS

Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS) partners with the campus to support CSUSM’s enterprise computing infrastructure and services. These services range from student and administrative systems to network operations and cloud services to security and customer support. IITS is responsible for all aspects of innovation, implementation and maintenance of information technology across the CSUSM.   View our IITS Facts and Stats page showing service metrics for the major campus services and processes.

 IITS promotes information technologies that improve teaching, learning, research, and administrative efficiencies. We serve the campus community with the deployment of systems and applications, both on campus and cloud based for students, faculty and staff. Our comprehensive IT Service Catalog describes the services available that are designed to meet the expectations of students as they look to CSUSM for services uniquely suited to their academic needs. 

CSUSM's first Unified IT Strategic Plan, described in the video, establishes the campus technology vision and framework that will guide the university’s IT environment and adoption of new technologies, systems, and services over the next five years.




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IITS staff collaborating and planning 

IITS Systems

IITS Computer Center

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IITS staff sharing out ideas


People and Teams of IITS

The IITS management and staff work diligently to keep pace with current and emerging technologies, and provide a high level of service to our faculty, staff and students. We strive to provide the best technology and consistent high-quality service that improves the overall experience for the campus community when using technology.


IITS has the following areas:
  • Office of the Dean and CIO
  • Academic Technology Services
  • Administrative and Budget
  • Enterprise Applications and Analytics
  • Information Security
  • IT Operations
  • Software Development and Solutions
  • Strategic Solutions
  • Technology Support Services 

IT Projects Governance

Technology at CSUSM is led by the Dean and Chief Information Officer (CIO). IITS looks for ways to continuously improve systems and processes to advance the university priorities and drive campus technology strategic initiatives.  IITS collaborates with departments across campus to understand their needs and priorities. The Portfolio Management site lists technology projects approved to proceed to implementation.  To propose a new project email

Our campus-wide perspective allows us to maximize resources that are sometimes scarce or reuse solutions already in place.  The Information Technology Review process is available to assist with technology decisions and it is part of CSUSM's commitment to making the resources and tools on campus accessible, secure and compatible with our IT infrastructure.   

The Information Management Steering Committee (IMSC) is the governance committee which advises the President and Executive Council on matters of information management, information systems and technology including selection, funding, development, deployment, management, assessment and effective use of technology. The committee is comprised of all vice presidents and the President (or designee).  This committee meets once per month to review and approve high level IT policies and set priorities based upon the IT Strategic Plan.

CSUSM also has the Technology Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC)TPAC is a subcommittee of the Academic Senate and provides input from faculty (from all colleges) and students.  Similar to IMSC, TPAC is briefed on IT initiatives and provides input, especially in the areas of academic technology. 


Information Management Steering Committee (IMSC) Members:

  • Graham Oberem, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chair)
  • Cathy Baur, Vice President, University Advancement
  • Lorena Checa, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Neal Hoss, Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services
  • Patricia Prado-Olmos, Vice President, Community Engagement
  • Jennifer Williams, Chief of Staff and Associate Vice President of Campus Climate, Office of the President
  • Kevin Morningstar, Dean and Chief Information Officer, IITS
  • Teresa Macklin, Associate Dean and Chief Information Security Officer, IITS
  • Diane Petersen, Executive Director, Enterprise Applications and Analytics, IITS

Technology Support Services

  • Mon - Thurs 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday 8:00 - 5:00 pm
  • Closed Sat/Sun & Campus Holidays