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Timeline and Work Plan

The CSUSM Mobile App launched in the summer of 2016.

Priorities for the CSUSM Mobile App are to:

  1. Offer service and transactional functions that will make students’ lives easier.
  2. Provide opportunities to increase engagement of students with campus events, activities and leadership development.
  3. Build student awareness and excitement about the mobile app.

Newest App Features

Fall 2023

  • Promoting a more accessible campus: Markstein chair lift status added


Potential Future Features

These are purposed features and do not have a specific end date at this time.

  • Additional campus information
  • More robust app content
  • Improved design
  • Gamification of overall app
  • Campus Marketplace feature
  • Community space with MS Teams integration
  • Keyboard stickers
  • In-app hosted Canvas integration
  • In-app Peoplesoft integration

App Timeline Archive

  • May 2016

    Soft-launch of mobile app to new students with basic functions and Orientation module.

    • Orientation section: map, schedules, resources, social and messages.
    • Connect section: news, social media, campus directory, emergency info and video
    • Engage section: campus-wide events and student life
    • Learn section: find a lab, library and academic calendar features
    • Athletics section: games schedules, top stories and live game streaming.
    • Eat section: dining services and hours
  • August 2016

    Officially launch mobile app to campus community with a full marketing campaign.

    • Create Welcome section: Move-In information and Weeks of Welcome engagement
    • Combine Connect and Engage sections to consolidate news and event information
    • Create Move section: campus maps, parking and commuter services resources
    • Add Starbucks wait line video stream to Eat section
    • Update the look and feel of module icons
  • December 2016

    Update to enhance functionality and service features for students’ unique information.

    • Will offer first levelofPeopleSoft integrations for students to include:
      • View your grades
      • View spring 2017 classes
      • View your class schedule
      • View exam schedule
  • Spring 2017

    Significant transactional functionality for student services, as well as custom modules to support our large spring events

    • Orientation module, including personas for students and families
    • Fuller integrationwithPeopleSoft to include the following transactions:
      • Register for classes
      • Pay for classes
      • Add/drop courses
      • Use your degree planner
      • Access To Dos
      • View holds
    • Commencement module: schedules, guest information, maps, social
  • Summer/Fall 2017
    • Cougar Courses module
    • Additional functionalitytomyCSUSM, including:
      • Edit profile information
      • My Finances
        • View Financial Aid
        • Accept Awards
        • Enroll in Payment Plan
        • Account Inquiry
    • Campus Coffee wait line
  • Fall 2018/Spring 2019
    • Wellness module added
      • Mental & Physical Health  
        • Set up medical appointments
        • Campus provided mental health opportunities
        • Campus Rec fitness class schedules
      • Campus Safety
        • Request a campus escort
        • Report lost items
        • Campus emergency contacts
        • Clery report
    • Bus Schedule/Tracker added
      • Tracks buses real-time
  • Summer/Fall 2019
    • *New* Experiences Module
    • Full campus parking counters
    • Wellness Module expanded
    • Campus Discounts expanded
    • Condensed Study/Labs with Library
    • Improved events feed color contrast
    • Custom Orientation Persona
  • Summer 2020

    Content changes made based on the move to a mostly online environment due to Covid-19.

    • Wellness Module Improvements:
      • Online Workout classes added 
      • Covid-19 general information
    • *New* Coming to Campus Module
      • Parking moved under
      • Athletics moved under
      • Dining moved under
      • Map moved under
    • *New* Technology Resources  Module
    • *New* Upload ID photo

    student virtual ID

  • Fall 2020

    For Fall 2020, the Campus App is now here to make your time on campus a bit easier.  The App has several fast and easy to features including the daily Covid Screening, Scan a QR Code, and your Digital ID to check-in for services.  Download the App and learn more about the features below.

  • Fall 2021

    The campus app has added in some new features to make your campus experience faster, safer, and easier. The app now offers: 

    • COVID RESOURCES: The COVID resources tab allows quick access to COVID testing information as well as allowing vaccinated employees to securely upload their immunization card by clicking on the Employee Certification icon.
  • Fall 2021 - Jack-o-lanterns

    As a way to celebrate the changing seasons, Fall 2021 temporarily had carved pumpkin icons on the app for the month of October.

    Pumpkin icons

  • Spring 2021

    The campus app has added in some new features to make your on-campus experience faster, safer, and easier. The app has been adjusted to make room for:

    • COVID TESTING: All students entering campus for academic or non-academic reasons must take weekly COVID-19 tests. These tests are FREE and scheduling an appointment is a breeze through the app!
    • COVID SCREENING: A health screening questionnaire that indicates your status as either CLEAR to attend campus today or NOT CLEAR. This was previously in the top white bar in the app.
    • COVID RESOURCES: A collection of information about the SD County run COVID-19 Testing Site and Vaccination Super Center, a map of campus health resources, and CSUSM information about how to ensure your health and safety when on campus.
  • Fall 2022

    The CSUSM Mobile App has entered into an endemic COVID-19 response/design. Health and safety are still a priority of CSUSM; the COVID-19 resources have been moved under the "Wellness & COVID 19" section.

    New Features:

    • Location based notifications for app users
  • Spring 2023
    • Vendor app upgrade: Minor design changes were made during this upgrade process mostly noted in the app's menu system.
    • COVID endemic changes

Snapshots of the Mobile App's Design Over Time

Mobile App 2016

App 2016

 Mobile App 2017

App 2017

Mobile App Fall 2018

App Fall 2018

Summer 2020

covid 19 app design