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Blackboard Ally - Fix Your Content Day

Fix Your Content Day 2020 has ended but we'll be back next year!

May 21st - Fix Your Content Day Event

May 21st, 2020 marks the annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day and as part of our campus-wide commitment to inclusive education, we participated in the first ever Blackboard Ally “Fix your Content Day.” 

Due to timezones, we had ~36 hours to fix as many accessibility issues with course files as we can.  At the end of the day, the campus with the most files fixed is recognized and awarded a prize.

How can you help?

  • Start clicking those red and orange indicators in your courses and fix as many files as you can.
  • Focus on images that need a description and Word documents to start. They're easy to fix and can make a dramatic change on your accessibility score.
  • Aim for 100% but improvement is what counts!

The Ally Team will track fixes in real-time, and you can check your fixes through the usage report in your Ally Institutional Report. Remember, fixes can only be tracked if they happen through Ally directly. Replacing a file through the LMS can’t be reliably tracked and therefore won’t count in your total fixes.

Blackboard Ally Guides

Join the CSUSM efforts via Zoom and fix content together! 

Ally file upload process

Annual Stats

Blackboard Ally has a leaderboard of all participating schools listed online.

Year # of Files Fixed # of Students Enrolled % of Changes per Student
2020 3,181 13,848 0.22971