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Conference Rooms, Carts and Digital Signage

All requests submitted must be approved within their own division prior to any action being taken by IITS to deploy new or used equipment. To document the request, the campus' Information Management Steering Committee (IMSC) has established the following procedures for all colleges and departments:

General Fund Departments

General Fund departments purchasing equipment, regardless of funding source, are required to have both budgetary and divisional Vice President reviews and approvals.   With approval of the appropriate Vice President, new technology purchases (hardware and software) will be deployed and maintained by IITS.  

Support & Scheduled Replacement: General Fund units will not charged annual support costs, but will have the financial obligation to fund the replacement of broken or scheduled refresh of equipment if funded at the department level.

New Networking Installation:  Installation costs requiring the services of an outside vendor will be covered by IITS  if campus level funding is approved.  If campus level funding is not approved, the cost will be borne by the requesting department.

Campus Level Funding: General Fund departments seeking inclusion for funding support at the campus level will require additional approval by the IMSC after VP approval is received.   IMSC will review and prioritize the deployment of new technology where the ongoing support costs and future replacement of the equipment falls to IITS/campus at the October and March meetings.  Purchase and implementation will occur after approval. Campus level funding will include standard configuration set-up only.  Additional costs for optional features and display upgrades are to be borne by the requesting department.  

Self Support Units & Auxiliary Orgs

Self-support units and auxiliary orgs will require both budgetary and divisional Vice President reviews and approvals, but will not require IMSC approval as they are not eligible for campus level funding.  

Support & Scheduled Replacement:  Ongoing support will be charged and the scheduled replacement of equipment must be paid by the unit.

New Networking Installation:  Installation costs requiring the services of an outside vendor will be borne by the requesting department.

Scheduled Replacement

Scheduled replacement of equipment takes place every 4 years. Minimum requirements will include the replacement of the computer hardware. Other equipment replacements may be necessary due to evolving technology or campus standards. To ensure adequate funds are available to fund the ongoing obligation, departments should budget for replacement of all equipment costs every four years.

Standard Set-up

Standard conference room and cart configurations include a 55" 4K display, Dell MFF computer, mounting hardware, accessories, IITS installation labor and cart if applicable. Optional features or display upgrades available.
Standard digital signage set-up includes a 55" 4K display, Dell MFF computer and mounting hardware. Optional features or display upgrades available.

First steps

  1. Contact Doug Goss for a consultation to review space needs and obtain a pricing estimate.

  2. Submit a Technology Order Request and furnish all information requested. Supporting information will be required to provide a better understanding of the academic and technical needs behind the request. General Fund departments requesting campus-level funding should outline why the project should be considered for campus-level funding.

  3. IITS will prepare a formal request for eSignature and route as follows: 
    • Department Chair/Manager
    • Dean/AVP
    • Provost/VP 

Steps after VP Approval Received


  1. Requests approved at the VP level will be moved forward to IMSC for a prioritization review. 

  2. After review by IMSC, the e-Signature request will be finalized and will document whether the project was approved for campus level funding. 

  3. If approved,  the department or college may work with Doug Goss to schedule the installation.

  4. If approved and optional features or upgrades are requested beyond a standard set-up, a funding agreement will be routed for approval. The department or college may work with Doug Goss to schedule the installation after the funding agreement is executed.

  5. If campus level funding was not approved, the department may move forward with funding at the department level if desired. A funding agreement will be prepared and once executed, the department may work with Doug Goss to schedule the installation.  


  1. After Vice President approval is received, a funding agreement will be prepared.  

  2. Once the funding agreement is executed, the department may work with Doug Goss to schedule the installation.  

    Note to General Fund Departments: If department level funding is selected at the time of the initial request, the request will NOT go for review to IMSC for possible campus level funding.

rev 10/16/19
effective date: 10/01/18 by IMSC