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  • When is my computer due for refresh?
    Your refresh computer has a colored sticker indicating its refresh cycle (example: Refresh 32).  Once you have identified the refresh cycle, you may reference the posted Refresh Schedule to find out when your refresh is due.
  • My computer is due for refresh this year. When can I expect my refresh to be completed?

    Your refresh will occur automatically.  You do not need to fill out any forms to initiate the process.  Once your refresh comes up in the queue, IITS will prepare your system and a tech will reach out to you to start the scheduling process. 

    Your department manager has already approved your refresh configuration selection and any costs involved prior to IITS placing the bulk buy order.  Any changes to the refresh selection approved by your manager will need to go through an approval process.

  • Does my computer have to be replaced every 4 years?

    Yes - When a computer enters year five (5) of its usable life, manufacturers begin to drop support for current OS updates which brings us out of compliance with respect to information security.  In addition, the system is no longer serviceable and the warranties have expired. 

  • Why do I have to turn in my old refresh computer? It is still useful for me.
    In order to remain in-line with CSU security policies, IITS is unable to offer the continued use of older computers on campus. Older computers do not comply with CSU audits for software patches, workstation hardening, and information security.  Exceptions may be reviewed by the campus CISO, however, will likely be blocked from connecting to the campus network.
  • I submitted a new computer order. When can I expect my new computer to arrive?

    IITS aims to complete all service requests within 10 business days once all individuals have authorized and funded an order.

  • Why can't I have admin rights on my computer?

    The risks of inadvertently loading malware and spyware are everyday threats to university computer systems.  As malicious programs can be accidentally installed without explicit user permission, it is a security best practice to generally run without “local admin rights” on computers.   As desktop security continues to be an important element in protecting all campus data resources, the campus has moved away from this insecure practice.

  • What is the cut-off date to order refresh technology to be billed this FY?
    Refresh computers, monitors and accessories that need to be billed in the current fiscal year must be ordered by April 15th for deployment by the 1st week of May.  All technology ordered after that date will be deployed per the normal timeline, but will be billed the following fiscal year during the next annual billing.     
  • What if I want to change configurations or refresh my computer early?

    If you are considering a change in your configuration prior to the end of your normal refresh cycle, if the change is approved, your department will incur new costs for the hardware in the year the equipment is deployed.

    Consideration for early refresh will require a written business justification from your manager and/or department chair prior to approval by IITS. 

  • My computer is not due for refresh but I am experiencing hardware issues. What do I do?

    If at any point during the 4-year cycle you begin to experience issues with your computer, the first step is to contact the Help Desk for a service call.  If the Help Desk is unable to satisfactorily remedy the hardware issue, your computer will be replaced with another computer of the same configuration and refresh cycle. 

    If your computer is very close to its refresh schedule and an early refresh is the desired outcome, IITS may recommend that your computer be refreshed early depending on stock availabity.  The department will incur all costs associated with new hardware deployed according to the posted refresh pricing schedule for early refresh.

  • Refresh monitors seem expensive. Can I purchase my own monitors elsewhere?
    Computers funded via the refresh program must use an enterprise-class monitor vetted by IITS.  These monitors are designed for business use, meet ergonomic standards, include a warranty, and are compatible with the standard computer configurations on campus.
  • Can I buy my old refresh computer from the University?
    No.  State requirements do not allow the sale of state-acquired technology  to private individuals.  
  • May I keep my old monitors when I am due for refesh?
    Ultrawide monitors may have a longer usable life than smaller displays, however, IITS encourages the replacement of a monitor at the time of refresh to ensure ergonomic standards and needs are being maintained.  Older monitors are prone to causing issues with ergonomics.
  • I am FERPing. Is my computer eligible for refresh?
    Tenured faculty who may be FERPing will continue to follow the standard 4 year campus refresh schedule and will be supported by IITS through the FERP period. 
  • May I purchase an iPad or iPhone outside of the campus?
    No - all devices must be purchased via campus affiliated vendors that are compliant with CSU policy.
  • Can I keep my old iPad or Cell Phone for personal use?
    No.  iPads and cell phones purchased with State, auxiliary, self-support, professional development or sponsored proejct funds are the property of the State of California (or CSUSM and its auxiliaries).  When an employee leaves campus employment,  the device MUST be returned to the user's department or to Telephone Services.  
  • May I purchase an iPad or cell phone for personal use with the campus vendor discounts?
    University staff may check the Perks at Work webpage which lists all the various State employee discounts and offers available.