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Custom Computer Requests (Non-Refresh)

There may be occasions where ordering a computer from the campus standards may not meet the needs of a request.  In these circumstances, a custom configuration/computer may be required.  Due to the nature of these requests, a consultation/review is required as there are baseline requirements and vendor restrictions that must be considered.  Below are some examples of requests that may be considered for approval:

  • A computer that is required for high-end graphical processing (GPU) or high-performance computer (HPC).
  • A computer that is required to address unique storage or data analysis (disk, memory or processor requirements)
  • A computer that accompanies a scientific instrument that is required for its operation.

Request Process (start to finish)

  1. For requests that do not yet have a formal quote, please contact Nicholas Duarte in IITS.  If you already have a quote from an approved vendor/configuration, proceed to step 2.
  2. Please complete the technology order request form using the Custom Computer (non-refresh; requires special approval)  option listed on the form and include your approved vendor quote.
  3. IITS will review the submission.  If the quote is approved by IITS, a contract will be routed to the respective Dean/AVP/VP for signature approval via AdobeSign.
  4. Once digitally signed/approved by the Dean/AVP/VP, purchasing steps will be provided to the requesting department. (The requesting department is responsible for completing the purchase process, either by PO or Procard-when allowable).
  5. Once successfully ordered and delivered, the computer will be inventoried by IITS, tagged, and made available for delivery or pickup for the requesting indidvidual.

Policy Requirements for all Computer Purchases

  • Computers and other technology must be purchased through an approved vendor that has an existing MEA or current contract with the CSU system.
  • Devices must adhere to CSU Information Security Policy, therefore, computer requests must meet the minimum standards outlined in the above policy.  For this reason, IITS recommends pre-vetted models to simplify the procurement process.
  • All devices must include a warranty that runs through the campus lifecycle (4 years), and be under support by IITS per the above CSU configuraton standards. Consult Support Costs & Details.
  • IITS will waive support costs if the purchase is intended for state-side faculty research (excluding grants and sponsored projects).
  • IITS is required by CSU policy to invoice for support costs if a project is funded by grant funds or is part of a sponsored project.
  • Once a computer reaches year 5 of its usable life, it must be evaluated for replacement or removed from the campus network (this requires review by the CISO) as this is the time period in which aging computers will be unable to receive critical security patches and operating system updates.