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Academic Pages Project


Provide a key entry point to the campus website for each academic program and degree focus. Present information in a consistent manner, with marketing language and design, to allow for ease of comparing options for our prospective students.


  • Optimized for search rankings
    • Utilize structured data, keywords, and reduction of competitive content.
  • Top-level click-through tracking for measured success
    • Analytics with page weighting for conversion of prospective students to matriculated.
  • Brand reinforcement
    • Professional visuals and curated copywriting to present consistent tone and style.
  • Student-friendly terminology
    • Associate real-world terminology from occupations and industries to academic offerings.
  • Return on investment messaging
    • Differentiate the CSUSM offerings and services from competition and illustrate the benefits of degrees.


Approximately 225 pages will be created to represent the program overview and each of the program concentrations. These will be delivered in their own special template and will be maintained by the Web & Digital Content Strategies team. Visuals and copy will be created in collaboration with the Office of Communications and pulled from data in the Course Catalog or department websites. The pages will indicate they are for general information and point to the Course Catalog for official requirements and updates.

Additional Goals

Content will be structured for use in additional display formats like personalization selections for return visits, search featured results, CougarBot, knowledge base, mobile app, and department web page includes.


Note: These designs may change as we continue to work on this project. Content in sections is considered temporary filler and may also be completely changed before release.

Program Overview

screenshot of the demo for academic program overview of biology

Program Concentration

screenshot of the demo for academic program concentration within biology