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Research and Development

New features will be added periodically to to new website template. These features generally will be in the form of snippets* (or components) but occasionally a whole new site template. You can also suggest a new feature for consideration.

In the works:

Update Update Details Status
Hero New hero image space with navigation under and better use of landscape images requiring less cropping. Testing in production
Media Cards Image (or video) with text blurb in a styled manner - multiple themed versions Testing in production
Profile Pages A personalized page for each individual (replacing faculty pages and will be for faculty, staff, and potentially students). This will not require OU Campus to author. Finishing development and will soon go into testing

On the horizon:

Update Update Details Status
MS Forms Use of MS Forms (and Booking) to become the standard webpage form option (replacing WuFoo) Researching the application uses of Forms while also planning the best way to convert away from WuFoo (this will be a gradual process estimated to take a year or so).
Academic Pages A consistent, polished, page for each CSUSM academic subject offered for prospective students to easily compare offerings and signature features. In development, but scope and data sources (catalog, directory, user-contributed) is still being evaluated.
Knowledge Base Single-source content authored for multiple delivery options like featured search results, mobile app, website, and CougarBot. Planning phase - determining best platforms (backend framework) and initial rollout content. Expecting to start development in Summer 2022.

Previously implemented:

Update Update Details Status
Youtube Snippet Improvements Updated functionaility of Youtube Snippet and added in captioning question.

COMPLETE - 3/19/19

Styles New campus styles (based on homepage) applied to templates COMPLETE - 1/22/19
Image Classes A way to add in stylized captions under images and clickable thumbnails. COMPLETE - 2018
Button Classes Add stylized buttons to hyperlinks on pages. COMPLETE - 2018
Accordian Lists List headings open on click to reveal content. Accordion Guide COMPLETE - 12/11/17
Directory Template  Newly stylized v-cards or lists pulling information from the campus' central directory (allowing for custom overwritting). Accessible and mobile friendly. Directory Guide COMPLETE - 12/11/17
Social Snippet An easy to use Snippet that helps embed social media links to a page. Accessible and mobile friendly. Social Media Guide COMPLETE - 10/20/17
Faculty Template Bio pages hosted on the website. Accessible and mobile friendly. Faculty Guides COMPLETE
- 10/3/17
The Redirect creates a new web address that has analytic tracking and can be used for advertising campaigns. COMPLETE - 9/19/17
iFrame Snippet For embedding external content (typically used for campus-approved 3rd party systems like videos or customer-relations forms). Please consult the web team before adding any "new" kind of system/service. COMPLETE - 9/19/17
Layout Snippets Impliment layout on pages. Layout Guide. Mobile friendly. COMPLETE - 9/15/17

*Snippets are sections to be inserted on a page via the WYSIWYG Editor where you provide data and the output results in a fully designed segment that is styled by our team. Components work the same way, but with a slightly different interface.