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Future Features

New features will be added periodically to to new website template. These features generally will be in the form of snippets or a new site template.

  • What is a Snippet?
    Snippets are reusable files that are available to be inserted on a page via the WYSIWYG Editor or with the Snippets Gadget.

Web Team Updates:

Update Update Details Status
Youtube Snippet Improvements Updated functionaility of Youtube Snippet and added in captioning question.

COMPLETE - 3/19/19

Styles New campus styles (based on homepage) applied to templates COMPLETE - 1/22/19
Image Classes A way to add in stylized captions under images and clickable thumbnails. COMPLETE - 2018
Button Classes Add stylized buttons to hyperlinks on pages. COMPLETE - 2018
Accordian Lists List headings open on click to reveal content. Accordion Guide COMPLETE - 12/11/17
Directory Template  Newly stylized v-cards or lists pulling information from the campus' central directory (allowing for custom overwritting). Accessible and mobile friendly. Directory Guide COMPLETE - 12/11/17
Social Snippet An easy to use Snippet that helps embed social media links to a page. Accessible and mobile friendly. Social Media Guide COMPLETE - 10/20/17
Faculty Template Bio pages hosted on the website. Accessible and mobile friendly. Faculty Guides COMPLETE
- 10/3/17
The Redirect creates a new web address that has analytic tracking and can be used for advertising campaigns. COMPLETE - 9/19/17
iFrame Snippet For embedding external content (typically used for campus-approved 3rd party systems like videos or customer-relations forms). Please consult the web team before adding any "new" kind of system/service. COMPLETE - 9/19/17
Layout Snippets Impliment layout on pages. Layout Guide. Mobile friendly. COMPLETE - 9/15/17