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Directory Snippet

What is a Directory Snippet?

A directory snippet renders in two different views: Lists or Cards

  • List View


  • Card View

How to Add/Edit a Directory Snippet:

5/14/18 Update: The Directory Snippet does not work in Internet Explorer. Please use FireFox or Chrome to add or modify rows in the directory. The Web Team is looking into fixing this issue but recommend another browser during the wait.

  1. Navigate to the page that is intended to host the Directory Snippet.
  2. Select Main Content to begin editing content area.
  3. Click to the area on your page that you would like to add a directory.
  4. In the toolbar, click the snippet (second row, near the right) -OR- the on the top-right of your page to open the side bar.  Click the Snippets header to expand.
  5. Select Directory from the Snippets menu.
  6. The snippet will be added to your page. It will look like a large table: 
    Table view
  7. Fill in the table provided with the Format desired, Order of items to be listed, and Username of the individual(s) to be listed on the directory. 
    The Username will pull in directory information automatically for each user. If you would like to override any of the content, you can fill in the columns on the table. 

    You can use a * symbol to hide auto-added content on a listing. Use a ^ symbol to add a line break to lenghty entries.

    Images: You will need to publish your images before having them render in the directory. Images must be uploaded to a sub-folder, named "dir",  inside of a folder named "images" within your site's main images folder and each image must match the user's username exactly. If no username is provided, the image must match the user's email (not including the domain).

  8. Click save in the toolbar to save your changes.
  9. Once saved, the Directory snippet will transform from a table into the directory view selected.
  10. Publish the page to apply the directory to the live site.

If you already have a directory snippet on your page It will not render in the page preview - this is normal. It will show up on your site if the content is filled in on publish.

Building Abbreviations List:

Building Abbreviation for Directory Snippet
Academic Hall ACD
Academic Success Center ACS
Arts Building ARTS
435 E. Carmel Street CARMEL
Center for Children & Families CCF
M. Gordon Clarke Fieldhouse CFH
University Commons COM
Central Plant Building CPB
Craven Hall CRA
Extended Learning Building ELB
Viasat Engineering Pavillion VEP
Kellogg Library KEL
Markstein Hall MARK
McMahan House MCM
Public Safety Building PSB
Social and Behavioral Science Building SBSB
The Sports Center SC
Science Hall 1 SCI1
Science Hall 2 SCI2
Student Health and Counseling Services SHCS
Student Health and Counseling Services' SHCSB
San Marcos Care Center SMACC
Temecula Site' TEME
University Hall UNIV
University Services Building USB
University Student Union USU
University Village Apartments' UVA'
Epstein Family Veterans Center VET

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