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Campus App Communications

The CSUSM mobile app allows for direct messaging from campus areas to CSUSM Mobile app users.
Campus messages can be sent through the following methods:

Public Channels

Public channel messages are reserved for campus-wide information and typically are set up by the Office of Communications or App Team individual. 

These messages come in two forms:

  1. In-app ribbon message across the entire app, or only to announcement-specific page areas. (Most common use)
  2. Push notifications to app user phones.

Opt-In Channels

Opt-in channels allow users of the CSUSM Mobile app to opt-in to specific messaging channels and get push notifications when new messages are posted to these channels in the CSUSM Mobile app.

More about Opt-In Channels

Frequency of Messages

The CSUSM Mobile app aims to inform users of campus happenings and to not annoy users with an overload of messaging. Opt-in Channel messaging is limited to no less than one push notification a month and no more than one push notification a week.

The current frequency of opt-in messaging is under review.
If you are a CSUSM Mobile app user and have feedback on the frequency of Opt-In Channel messages please email your commentary to: