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NOTE: This page loads as the default after you log out of OU Campus. Log back in with the redirect OU Campus link.

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OU Campus Soon to Use DUO Multi-factor Authentication

DUO was successfully installed for OU Campus at 5:00 pm on 9/23/21. See below for new login instructions.

What's New?

New Login procedures for OU Campus

Before authoring on your first page per browsing session, you will be required to log into OU Campus with a new multi-factor authentication step (DUO). Since this has its own redirecting process, it will need to be done before using the quick "Edit this Page" link in the footer of pages. Once you log in, it will remember you and you can then use the "Edit this Page" link in the footer for all subsequent page edits. A new redirect was created to help you quickly get to this login --

Past Updates

New Campus Template Rollout and Mass Publish

Details about the new template and future developments on the New Campus Template Project Page

OU Campus Communication Archive