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Campus Accessibility Expectations

Providing accessible content on the web and/or course materials is required by federal and state laws along with Chancellor's Office Initiatives. Faculty and staff should design course and website materials to be inclusive/universally designed and benefits all user types interacting with your posted content.

Universally designed content is beneficial for:

  • Mobile devices
  • Non-native English speakers
  • Students with disabilities
  • Viewers with poor internet connections

Creating highly-accessible, universal designs that can be viewed in as many ways as possible is critical to the success of a website.

What Do I Have to Do?

The Accessibility process depends on where your content resides.

If your content is:

  • Cougar Courses - view the Cougar Course Guides or contact 
  • OU Campus (Web) - view the OU Campus Guides or contact 
  • Video or Audio - you will need to get your content captioned. Request captioning by filling out the Caption Request Form
  • PDF Documents - Make sure your content is clean, readable, and has no underlines or notes on it. Make sure your content is OCR scanned. View the PDF Guides for more info.
  • Word Documents - There are a few extra steps that will need to be done. Learn about them in the Word Guide.