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Inspiration Studios

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The Inspiration Studios (iStudios) are run by CSUSM's Media Production team. We record Video, Podcasts, Music on campus and in our studio facilities (Kel 2302). The iStudios are home to 6 studios, all include our professional staffing to help get your ideas turned into reality. The iStudios has become one of the leading campus groups for Laser cutting. Our team can help create new inspiring products for you here in the studios. Email and let us know you're interested and we can setup a consult. To work with our team and create media content in one of the iStudios please fill out the appropriate form below.

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The CSUSM Inspiration Studios

Hours of operation: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm 

We cancel all reservations 15 minutes after a no show

If you're looking for the Media Production Services webpage for Livestreaming and or Events

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