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Inspiration Studios

iStudios wood handmade coinsThe Inspiration Studios (iStudios) are run by CSUSM's Media Production team. If you're looking to record Video, Podcasts, Music or wanting to explore media in new inspiring ways, come check out our facilities (Kel 2302). The iStudios are home to 6 different studio spaces, all come with professional staff to help you get your project done. All of our spaces are geared towards creating and recording media content whether it's video, photo, audio or multi media content. The iStudios is quickly becoming one of the leading campus groups for 3D Scanning, 3D Printing and Laser cutting. If you're interested in getting a tour of the spaces or would like to sit down for a consult with our team on your next event or project dont hesitate to email us at If you'd like to book time with our staff in one of the studios please fill out the appropriate form below.

iStudios circular LogoHours of operation are 8:30AM-4:30PM, Monday-Friday

Editing Suite Reservation - To reserve one of our 2 editing/podcasting suites please use this form

Audio Recording Request - This is for High Defintion audio recording projects w/ instruments and or vocals for mutlpile artists

Photography Service Request - If you'd like to have a portrait taken, or have photography needs please use this link

Video Production Request - Record video content with our team in one of our 2 large production studios. These studios are equipped with all the neccesary gear and staff to help produce a great product. 

Media Production Services (MPS) - If you're looking to utilize the MPS team for your next event, please visit the MPS page here

Please email us to make any other service requests and we will get back to you within 24hrs:

Studio A Live Production set

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