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Travel Safety

Using laptops and mobile devices helps keep us connected and productive while we are on the road. However, traveling with these devices increases the risks for keeping our personal and Institutional Information private. Travelers should limit the amount of sensitive information that is stored on or accessible to any mobile device taken on the trip, and travelers should avoid contact with the CSUSM network in general, specifically when traveling to high risk countries. Please check for your destination of travel on this list (Travel Advisories).

Note: Level 4 Countries
For any countries that are classified as level 4, you cannot take any CSUSM computers or mobile devices and you cannot access CSUSM sites such as Peoplesoft, Outlook, etc.

DUO will not work in these countries as it is blocked due to federal government restrictions.

Traveling can pose significant risks to information stored on or accessible through computers, tablets and smartphones. A majority of this risk is associated with increased opportunities for the loss or theft of a device.


Travel Safety Guidelines

There are many steps that can be taken to ensure that your hardware/data is protected while traveling. Please review some of these steps below.

Export Control

When traveling abroad, you’ll need to determine whether export/import controls apply to your trip. For more information, including what items, equipment, or software may be restricted.