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Studio Guidelines

Location: Kellogg Library (2nd Floor), CSUSM 333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road, San Marcos, CA 92096

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Reservation restrictions

  • Photo Studio - 1 Hr
  • Video Studio - 2Hrs
  • Music Rec. Studio - 2Hrs
  • Podacst Studio - 2Hrs
  • Rec/Edit Suites - 4Hrs


The Inspiration Studios "iStudios" were built to help the campus produce inspiring video, photo, audio & editing. Reservations are required & you must be a current CSUSM student, faculty or staff member. The iStudios feature industry standard audio, photo and film equipment, such as cameras, lighting, microphones, backdrops and more. The iStudios serve as an inspiring space for CSUSM students, staff, faculty, organizations, clubs and campus departments to produce projects using the studio's equipment for intended purposes such as photo shoots, live streaming, podcasting, music recording, and video production. Any personal projects will be declined. The Production Studios are a space for academic purposes ONLY.

Equipment use:

The iStudios equipment must remain within the studio and cannot leave the premises. Additional fines will be charged if equipment is removed, lost or missing from the studios. All equipment in the studios must be placed in their original locations after use of the studio space. Use of any extension cords or cables must be properly tied up and brought back to the iStudios staff or left in the studios space. All setup and breakdown time MUST be included in your reservation window. Each studio and it's equipment is setup as is requested. Studio staff cannot accommodate additional gear setup or requests during reservation windows.

Studio Gear List:

• 3 Point "Kino Flo" Light Kit • Microphone(s) • Panasonic AF-100 Video Camera(s) • Canon 60D DSLR Camera • Tripods • Zoom Audio Recorder(s) • Electronic Keyboard • Electronic Drum Kit • ATEM Mini Switcher(s) • White, Black, Grey, Blue, Green, Pink Backdrops • iMac in each studio • Headphone(s) • XLR Cable(s) • HDMI Cable(s) • SDI Cable(s) • 55in TV Display(s) • Bass, Acoustic, Electric Guitar(s) • Audio Mixer

Form Submission Guidelines:

All forms/requests to the iStudio's Team must be submitted w/ a minimum 24hrs in advance, not counting weekends. Reservations may only be scheduled during regular iStudios operating hours (Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm) and cannot be scheduled on campus hollidays or black-out days. Cancellations or Changes cannot be made within 24hrs of your reservation window. Failure to arrive at a reservation within 15mins will result in a no-show/cancellation, and the user will be notified.


  • If booked with no staff, a staff member will still be present to greet you and walk you to the reserved iStudio space. The studio will be opened for the requester and the requester will proceed with their projects independently. An iStudios staff member will be available for help or questions and to check the room/close the studio after the reserved time has ended.
  • If booked with staff, a staff member will be present to greet you and walk you to the reserved iStudio. Our staff will help supervise, fix tech issues, and can be used as a resource for production assistance and equipment operations. Our staff can also produce your recording or content.

Booking & Cancellations:

To reserve a space, you must first complete the request form(s) Online. The forms can be found here: iStudios Forms and Webpage. You will receive an email whether your request has been approved or denied within 24 hours. If approved, you will receive a confirmation email from our staff. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please contact Upon approval for reservation, please visit KEL 2302 to check-in with our staff and be directed to your location.

Equipment Rentals:

Equipment cannot be rented for personal or external use. Equipment can only be accessed within the iStudios and during approved reservations. Lost or Damaged Equipment - Client is responsible for any costs and fines from lost or damaged equipment due to misuse, abuse, and negligence. Any lost or damaged equipment must be reported to the iStudios Staff immediately. Lost Items & Media - We are not legally or financially responsible for items brought into or left at the studio. This includes hard drvies, SD cards, personal equipment/items, or any media left before, during, or after use of the studio. The iStudios are not responsible for any lost media files. Users of the space are responsible for any storage of media and are advised to bring their own storage and hard drives. If a personal item is reported to be lost, the iStudios will hold onto any lost items for 24 hours before it is turned in to The Lost and Found office in the University Police Building (UPD). The Lost and Found office can be reached by phone at 760-750-7530 or email at If you have any questions regarding the iStudios and there usage guidelines, please contact for assistance.