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Lab & Classroom Computer Resources

Requests for all new lab or classroom computer resources or expansion of existing lab or classroom computer resources represent a fiscal comittment on behalf of CSUSM funds.  This is true of the intial purchase, ongoing support, and future refresh of equipment.  The campus' Information Management Steering Committee (IMSC) has established the following procedure effective October 1, 2018.

Approval Requirements

All computer requests submitted to IITS must be approved within their own division prior to any action being taken by IITS to deploy new or used equipment.  Approval must be secured whether requesting consideration for inclusion in the Technology Refresh Program (TRP) or to utilize college, department or sponsored project funding.  In order to document the request, departments and colleges will be required to submit a Technology Order Request and furnish the information requested to include a supporting statement which will provide a better understanding of the academic and technical needs behind the request.  The lab request will be routed for eSignature via the Department Chair/Manager, Dean/AVP, and Provost/VP.  All requests approved at the VP level will be submitted for final review/approval by IMSC.  Please contact Nick Duarte for hardware quote prior to submitting form as associated costs will be required to be submitted along with your request.  

Standard lab computers are PC desktop configurations selected at the discretion of the IITS Dean.  Upgraded configurations include laptops, laptop carts, Apple products, Linux OS, or PC desktop configurations requiring upgraded components outside of standard campus specs.  Requests for upgraded configurations may require a department funded hardware share if approved for inclusion in the TRP.  Annual support costs of $300 per computer will be charged for all computers not approved for inclusion in the TRP but approved for purchase utilizing college, department or sponsored project funding.

Note: Requests for 10 or more units will also go through a prioritization review by IMSC.  This review process will generally occur in the Spring Semester for scheduled purchase and deployment during the Summer.  It is suggested that requests of this type be submitted prior to March 1st.

Labs and classrooms currently funded under the TRP

Lab and  classrooms currently funded under the TRP will be automatically refreshed.  If your existing lab or classroom space is not currently funded under the Technology Refresh Program, it will not be up for automatic refresh.  For consideration to refresh your lab or classroom under the Technology Refresh Program or with department funding, please submit a Technology Order Request prior to the suggested date noted above.  Existing computers may remain on on the campus network for 4 years. 

Questions regarding the Technology Refresh Program may be directed to

To request lecturer or student instruction systems: