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Lab & Classroom Computer Resources

Labs and Classrooms with Campus Level Funding

Lab and classrooms approved for campus level funding  will be automatically refreshed. If your existing lab or classroom space is not currently approved for campus level funding under the Technology Refresh Program, it will not be up for automatic refresh and departments will be responsible for replacing all equipment according to the campus refresh schedule

For consideration to create or expand a lab or classroom with campus level or department funding, please submit a Technology Order Request.

Approval Requirements

In order to document the request, departments and colleges will be required to submit a Technology Order Request and furnish the information requested to include a supporting statement which will provide a better understanding of the academic and technical needs behind the request. The lab request will be routed for eSignature via the Department Chair/Manager, Dean/AVP, and Provost/VP.
Annual support costs of $300 per computer will be charged for all computers not approved for inclusion in the TRP but approved for purchase utilizing college, department or sponsored project funding.