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A scoring rubric is a set of criteria and standards typically linked to learning objectives. They are comprised of one or more dimensions (criteria) on which performance is rated (scales), and often include descriptors or examples for each rating level.  Rubrics communicate the Instructor’s expectations of quality and sometimes quantity.

Scoring rubrics encourage fair and consistent evaluation by focusing the Instructor’s attention on the individual elements and the level of quality expected, making grading less subjective. When students are given access to the scoring rubric before performing the related task, they have a much better understanding of the required elements and how their work will be judged. Rubrics foster self-evaluation and reflection, and are essential guidance for peer review.

CSUSM Rubrics developed by the Core Competencies Team

Rubric Examples


Rubric Directory from Cal State Fullerton, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics - 100 downloadable rubrics for assessing communication skills, critical thinking, ethics, case studies, teamwork, peer evaluation and other topics.

iRubric - join this free site and get access to over 38,000 rubrics created by Instructors to assess undergraduate coursework.  Search by type, subject, topic, and grade level, then click on the desired rubric to edit, print, email, save it to your iRubric account, link to it on your Cougar Course or embed the rubric onto a course page  for student reference .

Rubrics for Assessment from University of Wisconsin- Stout

Rubric Resources on MERLOT