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Upcoming DUO Changes 2024

Throughout 2024, CSUSM will be implementing several changes to increase the security of Duo due to a significant increase in phishing attacks that have targeted our university.


These changes wil require you to update your Duo app to at least version 4.49 for Android users and 4.17 for iOS users.

Duo Universal Prompt

Duo Universal Prompt was implemented April 1st, 2024. Universal Prompt is a new more modern look and feel to the Duo login screen. Learn more by visiting the Duo Universal Prompt webpage.

Verified Duo Push

Verified Duo Push, also implemented April 1st, 2024, is a more secure way for you to sign in by requiring you to enter a number in your Duo app. Learn more by visiting the Verified Duo Push webpage.

Duo Self-Enrollment

You can now enroll your own devices in Duo! Check out the Duo Self-Enrollment instructions.

Deprecating Telephony Authentication

In late Spring 2024, CSUSM will be deprecating the telephony authentication method. Attackers use this method to bypass the increased security offered by Verified Duo Push. You will either need to download the Duo Mobile App on your smartphone, or, you can request a Duo hardware token by contacting the CSUSM Helpdesk at

As a reminder, NEVER share your CSUSM password, Duo Passcode, or Duo Authentication numbers with anyone. If someone asks you for any of these via email or text message consider them suspicious and do not respond; first reach out to This goes for any any suspicious activity, please report and get a second opinion.

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