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How to Create a Message for an Opt In Channel

Creating a Message

  1. Log in to Modo Labs with your Modo Labs login information. 
    Please note: This is a different login than your CSUSM login and password.

  2. Select Communicate from the top grey banner.

  3. On the left side of the screen, navigate down to the Opt-In channel option. Select the down arrow to expand out the section. You will see all Opt-In channels that you have access to.

  4. Select the channel you want to create a message for.

  5. Select create message.

  6. A new screen will load. This is where you will create your Opt-In channel message!
    If a content area is not listed here - you should not change the default settings.

    • Content Settings: 
      • Title: Create a short and catchy title for your message.
        Learn about how to create an effective title.
      • Body: Create your message's content. 
        Learn to customize your message with HTML code and Emojis.
      • Link Title (Optional): If you have a clickable link - this will become the phrase that is clickable. This should not be generic phrases like "Click Here" or "Link".
      • Link Subtitle (Optional): If you have a clickable link - this is some optional additional text that displays
      • Link URL (Optional): If you have a link to add to your message select the appropriate method below:
        • Paste in an External Link: Click in the text area and paste in the URL, your link will be highlighted in blue. Click the URL and it will insert itself into the Link URL text area.
        • Page in the CSUSM Mobile App: Click in the text area and scroll until you find the area you are looking for.
      • Image (Optional): Upload an image to your message.
        • Minimum image width is 750 pixels. 
        • Images should be a square or horizontally-oriented image
        • Images may not contain any text and should not be a flier
      • Alt Text (Required if you add an image): Add in a short description of your image. This should not contain the phrase "image" or "image of..."

    • Notification Settings: How your followers receive your message
      Do select Push Notifications
      Push Notification: This will push a notification to your follower's phone.

      Do not select In-App Banner
      This will have an in-app banner show on at the top of a page or grouping of pages in the app. 

      Please refrain from using this feature at this time unless given approval by the Office of Communications
    • Timing Settings:
      • Start at: Self explainatory.
      • End At: When should this message stop showing to your followers?

  7.  Click Save once you are happy with your message. This will save your message so you can preview it.

  8. You will be taken to a preview of your message.
    From this page you can:
    • Close: This will delete your message permanently. As an extra assurance, Modo Labs will let you re-open a message immediately after closed but once the page has been navigated away from the message is officially gone.
    • Edit: Edit your message if needed. Double check your message settings if editing as some fields get reset upon editing.
    • Send: This will send your message to your followers at the scheduled time.

  9. Click send when ready to publish your message.