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Technology Support & Equipment Requests

The IITS Help Desk in the Kellogg Library (2nd Floor) is open 8:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday – Friday for all students, faculty, and staff.

NOTE: Students living 90+ miles from campus can request the technology be sent to them.

Please submit the form below if you:

  • need technology equipment loaned for home use

Students using the form should remove "cougars" from their email address and use, NOT to log in. 
Faculty:  Requests for Inspiration Studios or the Learning Glass to record lectures should be emailed to to schedule a time to record. 

Equipment & Support Appointment Form 


Technology Loans

Available for Faculty, Staff  & Students - Please initiate your request via the Equipment/Appointment Request form form above.

CSUSM continues to provide technology loans of laptops and other IT hardware to those who require that technology to learn or work in a virtual environment.  In support of this effort, CSUSM has purchased 600 new laptops for students as well as technology available to faculty and staff.  While CSUSM strives to provide technology to students and faculty/staff in need, given fiscal and resource constraints, indicating a need does not guarantee you will receive the item.

  • Home Technology Setup
    Students and faculty/staff will need to have access to a basic home technology setup in order to learn, teach, and work in a virtual environment.  A basic home technology setup includes access to a laptop or desktop computer, webcam and microphone, and Internet connectivity to access online course materials, video conferencing sessions, and online informational resources.  IITS can only provide basic hardware, specific courses and functions may have other or additional requirements that are not appropriate for this program.  If you do not have access to a computer for financial or other personal resource limitations, you can request a technology loan from IITS.  IT equipment is provided as a temporary solution and the use of the equipment may be terminated at any time.
  • Basic Home Internet Service
    Basic home internet service allows you to use CSUSM's classroom video conferencing service (Zoom) and access online systems and resources such as Cougar Courses. If your area lacks available internet providers or you cannot afford basic internet service, you may request a wireless hotspot from CSUSM.  By requesting a wireless hotspot, you attest that you currently do not have any internet service and that you lack the availability or financial means to acquire it.  Please note that a wireless hotspot can only offer basic connectivity.  Hotspots are provided as a temporary solution that may be terminated at any time.