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Accordion Snippet

Looking to add an expandable element on your page, possible for an FAQ? The Accordion Snippet can assist.

  1. Navigate to the page that is intended to host the accordion snippet.
  2. Select Main Content to begin editing content area.
  3. Click to the area on your page that you would like to add an iFrame snippet.
  4. In the toolbar, click the snippet (second row, near the right) -OR- the Gadgets on the top-right of your page to open the side bar.  Click the Snippets header to expand.
  5. Select Accordion from the Snippets menu.
  6. The snippet will be added to your page. It will look like a table: 
    accordion crete table
  7. Fill in the table provided with the List Topic and the Content you want to add.
  8. Enter x in column Open (x) if that specific accordion element should be open (active) when the page loads.
  9. Click Add Row Below if you would like to add additional items to the accordion list.
  10. Click save in the toolbar to save your changes.
  11. Once saved, the Accordion snippet will transform from a table into a page element.
  12. Publish the page to apply the Accordion to the live site.

Rendered Example of the Accordion Snippet

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