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Information Technology Review Process

Please note:  If you are attempting to purchase any of the following equipment please follow the appropiate link below, otherwise, please follow the directions on this page.

The Information Technology Review (ITR) process is part of CSUSM’s commitment to making the resources and tools used on campus accessible, secure, and compatible with our IT infrastructure.

The ITR Process is separate from the Procurement process. More information on the Procurement process can be found at: Procurement Services site. The Procurement process can begin after review of the ITR Form by attaching the ITR Review Results, and all other supporting documents, to the purchasing requisition. Certain purchases may involve Procurement earlier in the process depending on the dollar amount. Please direct any questions regarding the Procurement process to

In order to comply with Federal, State, CSU and CSUSM laws, regulations, policies and procedures an ITR Form is required when purchasing any Information and Computer Technology (ICT) item regardless of price. Learn about what an ICT is.

The ITR Form initiates and documents the review process of ICT items. Once the form is completed, it must be reviewed by an IT subject matter expert prior to proceeding with the purchase.

ITR Process

There are 3 main areas assessed as part of the ITR process:

Start an ITR Form

ITR Steps

ITR Process workflowThe high-level steps involved in the process:

  1. Request is submitted via the ITR Form
  2. Request is routed to the appropriate IT subject matter expert(s). Subject matter experts include the Information Security Office, the Accessibility Compliance Team (ACT), and others when necessary.
  3. Upon receipt and review of all required documentation the request is approved or rejected. An approval email will be generated and given to the purchaser to submit with other paperwork required by the Procurement Department.

Before Submitting the ITR Form

Check to make sure the campus does not already own the software, have something similar, or the intended purchase is excluded from this process.

Beginning the ITR Process

To start the ITR process you will need to submit a request via the ITR Form. As you proceed through the ITR form it will prompt you for various pieces of information such as:

  • Vendor documentation including specifications, contract language (e.g., MEA, MSA, EULA, etc.), technical implementation guides, etc.
  • Company contact information
  • How the product or service will be used
  • The number and type of user(s) (faculty, staff, students, public)
  • Other products or services that were considered

If you don’t have many specifics, don’t worry, we will help you through the process! Contact us at if you have any questions or need help.

We also have a Powerpoint presentation describing the ITR process.

After the ITR Form Has Been Submitted

Once the ITR Form is submitted you will get a confirmation message.

Some products may require a more comprehensive review thus taking more time to complete. It is helpful if you initiate this process as early as possible. Ideally, this process should begin at least 90 days before your anticipated purchase/renewal date.