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Technology Refresh Program

Overview of the Technology Refresh Program 

The IITS refresh program at Cal State San Marcos began in 1994 with funding support provided by the campus. CSUSM provides funding for all general fund permanent-staff and designated classrooms. This program will replace designated systems according to a four-year schedule as documented on this website. The official program documentation is available for review.

CSUSM Technology Refresh Program

The refresh program ensures that computers used in teaching labs and by faculty and staff are upgraded on a consistent basis so that the campus can maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure, thereby enhancing student learning and maintaining efficient administrative functions. This program supports a stable and safer environment by allowing IITS to remain compatible with all of the most recent software and security patches.

Departments or colleges are responsible for funding any hardware costs above the standard allocation outlined in the program documentation. All costs for upgraded configurations, as well as the entire cost of hardware and support for non-staff complements, must be reimbursed to IITS in the year the expense is incurred. All hardware and support costs for auxiliary organizations and self-support units must be fully reimbursed to IITS. 

General Program Notes