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Separating or Retiring from CSUSM

Prior to separating or retiring from CSUSM, please complete the following actions to ensure apropriate continuity. 

Actions to be completed prior to departing 


  • Decide whether your email address should remain active, and if yes, for how long 
  • Transfer any emails that would need to be accessed by another department/campus member 
  • Note: While you can save and share the .pst file via OneDrive and SharePoint, it is recommended you save the file to your device instead. 


Document Continuity 

  • Determined what files if any (located on OneDrive, SharePoint, Network Drive, device hard drive, or other) need to be inherited by another department/campus member 

Microsoft Teams 

CSUSM Retirees Association Benefits

Microsoft offers members of the CSUSM Retirees Association a free Office 365 A1 license, which includes free web apps such as Outlook email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Teams, and more (see all apps included in A1).

Therefore, association members will retain their Outlook email addresses and cloud storage, including all current content.

Continuation of these benefits depends upon Microsoft’s support of the free Office 365 A1 license program; if Microsoft alters any aspects or adds a cost, CSUSM may change any or all of these benefits at any time and without prior warning.