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Request equipment loans to support your learning (webcams, laptops, etc.)

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Meeting recordings in Teams Now Saved on Onedrive and Sharepoint

Your Teams meeting recordings will now be saved on Sharepoint and Onedrive rather than on Stream (like they used to). The recordings play through a new version of Stream. Learn how this change affects your recordings. And visit our Stream guide for more on utilizing this tool. 

Reconnecting to Campus Technology

Visit our Reconnect to Campus page for information on common issues related with your technology not being operational for over a year.

IITS will be working hard to support our community's return and respond to all requests for assistance, but given the numerous ongoing projects (e.g. upgrading 60 classrooms), the expected amount of support requests, and the possibility for unexpected challenges, we ask for your patience and good will.



Fall Classroom Upgrades

CSUSM has been working on upgrading many of our classrooms to better support different modes of instruction for Fall 2021 and beyond.

Specifically, we are in the process of installing cameras, microphones, and digital whiteboards to support Live and Online courses. We are also replacing faculty lectern chairs (seen below) and lecterns to better accomodate instructor preferences.

new chairs arriving.        new instructor chair

This short preview video demonstrates the tracking capabilities of the new camera system as well as the new microphones and digital whiteboard. These new tools can improve student classroom experience, especially for students attending the class remotely.    

Lectern and classroom

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