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IITS ALERT - ** Temporary Walk-Up /Drive-Up Technical Support in Craven Circle ** (Posted: Friday, 07/30/2021 08:00 AM)
IITS ALERT - Issues to Expect as you Reconnect to your Campus Technology (Posted: Thursday, 07/29/2021 01:00 PM)

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Reconnecting to Campus Technology

As you return to campus, you will require some time to get your technology up and running again. Just as it took some time to get your home office set up last year, it may take some time to get set up back in your campus office. 
Visit our Reconnect to Campus page for information on what to expect upon your return and challenges you might encounter.

IITS will be working hard to support our community's return and respond to all requests for assistance, but given the numerous ongoing projects (e.g. upgrading 60 classrooms), the expected amount of support requests, and the possibility for unexpected challenges, we ask for your patience and good will.


Audiences: Faculty  Staff 

Due to the number of technical support issues associated with the Return to Campus, IITS will not be able to respond to in-office requests for several days.  If you encounter any issues with your laptop or other wireless devices that require technical assistance, IITS will provide in-person support from a temporary outdoor Help Desk in the Craven Circle area for both walk-up and drive up support.

Hours will be Monday, Aug. 2nd at 9am – 5pm. 

If there is sufficient demand, IITS may continue to offer this service on Tuesday.  Updates will be posted to this alert.

Audiences: Faculty  Staff 

Return to Campus -- Week of August 2nd

As you return to your campus office, you should anticipate your technology will require time for updates and may run into other small issues before operating as expected/normal.

Issues to expect include old passwords blocking you from logging in, wireless connectivity issues, and overdue software patches being applied on your computer.

Please visit the IITS Reconnect to Campus website for more on what to expect.



Fall Classroom Upgrades

CSUSM has been working on upgrading many of our classrooms to better support different modes of instruction for Fall 2021 and beyond.

Specifically, we are in the process of installing cameras, microphones, and digital whiteboards to support Live and Online courses. We are also replacing faculty lectern chairs (seen below) and lecterns to better accomodate instructor preferences.

new chairs arriving.        new instructor chair

This short preview video demonstrates the tracking capabilities of the new camera system as well as the new microphones and digital whiteboard. These new tools can improve student classroom experience, especially for students attending the class remotely.    

Lectern and classroom

Prior IITS Alerts & Notices

 General Faculty Questions & Concerns

The following list includes questions and concerns that have been raised with IITS leadership via the Academic Senate or Technology Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC). 

Faculty may also submit new items of inquiry or general concern via the form provided below and IITS will respond.

  • This form is not intended for any technical support, confidential, or time sensitive matters that should route via normal channels of communication.

Submit a Question or Concern

  • Zoom Storage and Video Recording Deletion

    Storage Space - As of early October, CSUSM has increased its Zoom storage space in order to provide sufficient capacity for faculty to store their recordings for the duration of the academic year.  IITS is no longer asking faculty to delete their Zoom recordings. 

    Delete Function - The Zoom recordings deletion function has been disabled for the time being per instructions from the General Counsel's office. There are six pending class action lawsuits brought by students over the shift to remote instruction. An issue has come up over whether certain Zoom recordings must be saved. That issue may have to be decided by the courts. Until the issue is settled, General Counsel has told us that we are required to maintain all existing Zoom recordings to the extent we can.

    IITS Academic Technology staff can assist faculty who require assistance to delete files not covered by the hold.

  • Cougar Courses Forum Email Changes

    On Thursday, October 15th, and after consultation with Academic Senate, IITS implemented a change to reduce the overwhelming flow of email communications coming from the discussion forums.  Due to a configuration setting in the Cougar Courses Learning Management System, the use of forums had generated over 1.5 million emails sent to students and faculty during the first three weeks of the term. This system configuration was identified while investigating reports of slow email delivery earlier in the semester. This is not a new setting, but an issue that appeared this semester due to the sheer number of instructors using forums.

    The change implemented will prevent faculty and students from automatically receiving emails when users post to a forum and will unsubscribe all faculty and students from currently subscribed forums in individual courses.  Those who want to receive these communications must re-subscribe. Academic Technology has a guide for this process that will be included in the email to students and faculty.

    • Faculty and students who want to receive these communications will have to resubscribe by following this guide.
    • Students will continue to receive News Forums updates.
  • Upcoming Faculty Office Phone Changes

    CSUSM uses a 20 year old Pointspan telephone system that is now officially in an obsolete and unsupported status with the original manufacturer. In FY 18/19, CSUSM began the effort to replace the campus’ 20+ year-old phone system.  While IITS had planned to provide flexible internet-based phone systems for faculty even prior to COVID, the new realities of teaching from home have only reinforced the need for this project.  Click here to visit the Phone Project status page.

    This project will take place over the Spring 2021 semester, and once completed, faculty will be able to use the Microsoft Teams client on their computers, mobile phones, and on-campus phones (if requested) to make and receive phone calls from and to their current office extension number.

    The new telephone system will offer faculty numerous benefits over their existing phones:  

    • Ability to make/receive phone calls from their home offices without having to use or share their personal phone numbers.
    • Flexibility to use a variety of devices (laptops, desktops, mobile phones) to make and receive phone calls.
    • A single app for regular calls, video and voice calls, and text chat communications.
    • Automatically transcribed voice mails.


    During the spring semester, facuilty will be informed in advance of the day and time the transition will take place. IITS expects transitioning faculty phone extensions to the Teams client to cause minimal if any disruption.

  • CSU Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

    Since 2005, the CSU's ATI program has been working at the system and campus level to ensure that instructional/course materials are provided in accessible formats for all students.  While this effort to improve digital equity and access dates back many years, this initiative has become even more important given the current realities of mostly remote instruction. For example, CSUSM saw a 2,227% increase in alternative content format downloads from 2018/19 to 2019/20, which is evidence of how much students utilize alternative formats when available, especially during COVID.  While some students will provide faculty with DSS accomodations, others do not feel comfortable disclosing a disability and yet still benefit greatly from accessible content. 

    • Our Accessibility Team ( can provide assistance and guidance, so please do not hesitate to contact them in advance to ensure your content is accessible in time for the start of the semester.
    • You can also visit the campus Accessibility webpage for resources and guides on providing accessible course content. 
  • Mediasite Transition Project

    CSUSM will be transitioning video storing services from Mediasite to Microsoft Stream by the end of this academic year. More information on timelines and process will be provided later this year.

    Microsoft Stream offers additional capabilities (including automatic transcription and captioning) and integrates with the Microsoft Office Suite. 

  • CSUSM Security Incident on 10/06/20

    On October 6th CSUSM experienced a cyberattack that gained unauthorized access to internal campus systems.  The parties involved were able to download information related to various computer systems and directory information on the CSUSM user community including first/last name, email address, and campus affiliation. 

    Upon IITS’ awareness, access was blocked and staff investigation found that the individual(s) accessed a few systems.  Based upon our available evidence, the data is classified as Level 2.  An outside firm will be conducting a full forensic investigation.  

    While we have no evidence of password vulnerability, IITS recommends that all faculty, staff, and students update their password.