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Campus ID Photo

As an active student, staff, or faculty member, it is recommended (but not required) that you have a CSUSM Campus ID on file.  CSUSM utilizes a digital form of Campus ID accessed from the CSUSM Campus App from your smartphone, or as a physical card, if you so choose to have an actual printed/plastic card.  Your Campus ID is for campus identification only, but may also serve as a form of student identification for vendors who offer discounts.  The Campus ID is used to check-in for appointments, serves as your library card, facilitates your entry to CSUSM campus events, and use of services such as Paw Print.

To access the digital Campus ID, simply open up the Campus Mobile App and tap on “VIEW ID” from the home screen.  Your Campus ID also includes your 9-digit CSUSM ID Number visible for easy access in case you ever forget and need it quickly.

To start using your Campus ID, you need to have a photo on file, as the ID Card services will not work without one.  The digital Campus ID is free and you can upload your photo online, or choose to have a physical card printed for a nominal processing fee of $5.

How Do I Get My Campus ID?

Video: Campus ID Overview

The easiest way to get your Digital Campus ID is by uploading your photo via the campus mobile app (download Campus App) or online at Upload Photo. Currently the ID Card Office service desk is providing all services online.  During normal operations, you can also visit the ID Card Office, located at the Student Technology Help Desk (2nd floor entrance of the Kellogg Library building).

Once you submit your photo, it will be reviewed within 2 - 5 business days to confirm that it meets the Photo Submission criteria. If so, your photo will be approved and you will be notified via email.  (CSUSM follows the general guides for ID photos as published by the US State Department.) If your photo does not meet the required criteria, you will be notified via email with feedback on why your photo did not meet the requirements and you will be asked to resubmit.

Please note that approved photos will be marked as "Unverified" until the Campus ID Office resumes normal operations and can verify your photo submission with any form of government-issued ID (e.g., Drivers License, Passport, Military ID or State ID). 

Setup your Digital ID Card
Upload your Photo Online

Photo Submission Criteria:

  • Photo should be in color and taken against a plain, light background
  • Photo should use portrait layout
  • Photo should be cropped slightly above head to shoulders or slightly below shoulders
  • Use a clear image of your face (no app filters)
  • Sunglasses or hats are not acceptable 
  • Facial expression should be neutral, with both eyes open
  • Side or angled views are not accepted

Get a Physical ID Card

  1. Book your Campus ID Card Appointment
  2. If you are a student, pay the $5 processing fee ahead prior to your appointment: Pay by Debit/Credit Card

Who Do I Contact Regarding the Campus ID?

The Campus ID is operated by Instructional & Information Technology Services (IITS).  For questions, you can visit us at the Student Technology Help Desk, email us at, or call (760) 750-6505.


Crash Cougar ID Card












Example CSUSM Digital ID showing campus mascot CRASH.