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CSUSM Mobile App

The CSUSM mobile app makes the campus accessible with the touch of a button. By logging into the Campus App, you gain easy access to COVID-19 resources, Cougar Courses, MyCSUSM, and many other features that put access to the campus just one tap away. The app also provides real-time information to parking and lab computer availability, simplified access to online services, and serves as a point of connection to campus information and events. 

New for Spring 2021

The campus app has added in some new features to make your campus experience faster, safer, and easier. The top bar of app icons have been adjusted to feature: 

  • COVID TESTING: All students entering campus for academic or non-academic reasons must take weekly COVID-19 tests. These tests are FREE and scheduling an appointment is a breeze through the app!
  • COVID SCREENING: A health screening questionnaire that indicates your status as either CLEAR to attend campus today or NOT CLEAR. This was previously in the top white bar in the app.
  • COVID RESOURCES: A collection of information about the SD County run COVID-19 Testing Site and Vaccination Super Center, a map of campus health resources, and CSUSM information about how to ensure your health and safety when on campus.

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CSUSM app homepage with COVID content

App Functionality

To get the most out of the Campus App, if you haven't already done so, be sure to log-in so that you gain access to all of the functionality that will help make accessing CSUSM a bit easier.  Check out the functionality below including the new features supporting CSUSM's COVID-19 response for Fall.

  • Log into the App

    • WHAT'S YOUR LOGIN STATUS - As many online services require that you be logged into the App with your campus user credentials, the easiest way to have one tap access to various systems is to log in.  If your top menu bar shows "SIGN IN", you are NOT logged into the App.  Once your are logged in, the bar will change to "VIEW ID".  
    • HOW TO LOGIN – Access your CSUSM account by tapping on SIGN IN button.  A campus login page will appear.  Enter only your Username and Password and be sure to check the box that says "Keep me signed in" so that you will be able to come into the App in the future without having to sign in every time.
    • ALL SIGNED IN - Once you are signed in, the button will change to "VIEW ID".  If you tap the button, it will bring up your digital campus ID.  
    • CAMPUS ID - The digital ID will show your name, picture (if you have uploaded one), a QR code for scanning your ID at various service locations.  If you haven't uploaded your picture yet, click here to visit the Campus ID page.

    If you are not logged in, your menu bar will show "SIGN IN"

    Campus App Top Bar with Sign In

    Login screen, be sure to check the box that says "Keep me signed in".

    App login page with Keep Me Signed In marked.

  • COVID-19 Screening Form

    CSUSM has created a quick and simple process in the Campus Mobile App that will allow students to  interact with the campus' COVID-19 procedures.  Student participation in these procedures helps support the safety of the CSUSM community, as this information may be highly beneficial should there be a need for a campus exposure investigation.

    Students coming to the CSUSM campus must complete the daily "Covid Screening" form via the Campus App or via the website.  If you are logged into the App, the process will only take three clicks.  If you do not want to use the App, the alternative is to visit on web version of the COVID-19 screening form.

    Whether via the App or Web, you will be asked to review the questions and indicate your status as either CLEAR to attend campus today or NOT CLEAR.  Simply tap to check the appropriate bubble and tap Submit.

    Depending upon your answer, you will see a confirmation page with your indicated status and directions regarding coming to campus.  Tap the bubble to affirm your answer and click Submit.

    After you click submit, the app will confirm your status.  If you are clear to come to campus, you will see a screen with green text with the message "You have indicated you are CLEAR to come to campus today."  This message is your confirmation that your entry has been recorded.


    Use of this system and the data will only be used for COVID-related contact and communication purposes. The data will not be used for any academic purpose and will not be shared beyond its authorized, COVID-related usage.

    Screen examples from the Covid Screening within the Campus App

    Covid screening form


    After your CLEAR or NOT CLEAR entry you will be asked to confirm you choice.  When finished, you will see the following confirmation screen.

    Covid screening form confirmation.

  • Scanning a QR Code

    CSUSM is dedicated to keeping your learning environment safe and the campus community informed of any possible COVID-19 exposure. Our on-campus classrooms and labs are setup for safe interactions, and a key element of safe interactions is awareness of any potential exposure. To that end, CSUSM has created a quick and simple voluntary check-in process in the Campus Mobile App that will only collect location information. (Due to specific usage requirements, only the USU computer lab has a required check-in.) Voluntary student participation helps support the safety of the CSUSM community, as this information may be highly beneficial should there be a need for campus exposure investigation. 

    How does it work? 

    Using the Express Check-in takes only a few seconds and is as easy as  

    1. opening the App  
    2. tapping on the “SCAN A QR CODE” button  
    3. useing the camera to scan the QR code located in the room  -- see example of a Voluntary Check In code.
    4. the App will then ask you to confirm the entry
    5. a confirmation will will report a “successful check-in” message and room number information   

    To use this function, you must be logged into the App. If you are logged in, you will see the “View ID” button that will open to your Campus ID.  If you are not logged in, you will see a “Sign In” button instead.  Tapping this button will take you to the campus login screen.  Be sure to click the “Keep me signed in” button so that you will not have to log in again. 


    Use of this system is voluntary and the data will only be used for COVID-related contact and communication purposes.  The data will not be used for any academic purpose and will not be shared beyond its authorized, COVID-related usage. 


    The QR Scanner is located on left side of the top bar of the App.

    Top bar of the campus app.

    Focus your camera on the QR code and confirm the entry. 

    Example of a CSUSM Voluntary Check In QR Page

    QR Code page example.

    These QR codes may be used to record entry or exit from a space and/or record completion of an activity.

  • Campus Services in the App

    • MYCSUSM – Access your MyCSUSM account to add/drop classes, view your class schedule and use Degree Planner.
    • Virtual ID Card – Check in to centers and print faster.
    • Cougar Courses – Keep up with your classes.
    • Study/Library – See which computer labs are currently open and how many stations are available for use. View public printer locations on campus and their status or chat with a librarian, search the library, and verify library hours.
    • Email – Never miss a message!
    course success oriented icons
  • Get the Most of Your CSUSM Experience

    • Dining Hours and Locations – Know where to grab a bite to eat by viewing the hours, line cameras, and learn about seasonal items.
    • Parking – Find a parking space & purchase a day pass and make changes to your parking account.
    • Campus Map – Find mobile-friendly walking and driving directions to buildings and spaces across campus.
    • Directory – Look up campus members through the directory feature.
    • Athletics – View upcoming games, events, and athletics-based news.
    • Discounts – Save money on limited time discounts for campus affiliates.
    • Wellness - Your one stop shop for mental and physical wellness.
    csusm experiences in app
  • Communications through the CSUSM Mobile App

    Select push notifications will be sent through the app to users who have opted to turn on their location and allow notifications. Learm more about in-app communications.

    We will continue to provide updates on the new features and functionality as they are developed. If you would like to share feedback or thoughts, please email: