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Items Excluded from IITS Review or Approval

The following items are considered pre-approved, excluded from review, and do not require a technology order request or ITR.

Computer Peripherals or Accessories:

  • Monitors (27-inches or smaller for one-time purchase machines only)
  • Keyboard and Mice (Bluetooth or wired)
  • Presenter devices (powerpoint clickers)
  • Data storage devices (usb sticks, external hard drives, cd's; this does not include backup systems or disk raids).
  • Basic usb microphones
  • Bluetooth headsets, earbuds or speakers
  • Various computer cables or adapters (ex: hdmi, display port, usb)
  • Power adapters or replacement power supplies
  • Digital/video cameras, DSLRs
  • Webcams

General Technology:

  • Blue-light filters or glasses
  • Duo key fobs
  • E-readers
  • iPad Accessories (cases, covers, keyboards, cables, chargers, pencils, etc)
  • Portable battery/chargers

Technology Supplies:

    • Toner/ink
    • Paper
  • Individual-use subscriptions for content services.  Examples include a subscription for a journal or other publication that will only be accessed by a single individual. 
    • Please note that by signing up for a subscription you are creating an account external to CSUSM. To ensure the safety of your online accounts, it is crucial that you use a unique username and password combination for each unique online account (note: Do not use your campus password). This practice helps to prevent your accounts from being compromised by segregating your unique online accounts.

    • In addition, choosing a strong password can increase the security of your online accounts. Strong passwords include a combination of all of the following factors: 

      • At least one lower-case character 
      • At least one upper-case character 
      • At least one number 
      • At least one symbol 
      • At least 15 characters in length.
    • If this subscription offers a multifactor authentication method it is required that you use it.


*Information reviewed/updated April 2022