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Refresh Computers

All refresh computer requests must be approved within their own division prior to any action being taken by IITS to deploy equipment.  The only exception will  be for computers ordered for a staff or faculty member's primary work station. Users will submit a Technology Order Request and furnish the information requested. 

Once the order is submitted, IITS will route requests to the appropriate fiscal authority for eSignature approval.  If required, the request will also route for eSignature via the Department Chair/Manager, Dean/AVP, and Provost/VP.  All requests approved at the VP level when required will be released to IITS staff for processing.  IITS' two-week turn around time (give or take) to prepare and install a computer will begin at the time all required approvals are received.  This may result in a delay in the deployment process.

Refresh computers will be automatically refreshed every four (4) years unless departments request to return computer resources early.  Visit Refresh FAQ for additional information.