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One-time Computer Purchases

Guidelines for computer purchases outside of the refresh lease program

Purchasing Non-Standard Equipment

All computers purchased (or reimbursed) with State, auxiliary, or sponsored project funds are the property of the State of California (or CSUSM and its auxilliaries).  Computers purchased with any of these fund types are not personal property. When an employee (faculty or staff) leaves campus employment, or no longer has a need for the computer, the computer MUST be returned to IITS for decommissioning, proper e-waste disposal, and to comply with State requirements.  If unit is recycled off campus by user when it is no longer needed, a missing computer report will be required to be logged with the Chief Security Officer for further review.  Computers approaching year 5 of use should be considered for return to IITS and if on the campus wired network will need to be removed.

IITS Review/Approval Prior to Purchase

To purchase a non-refresh one-time purchase computer, contact Nick Duarte, Director of Technology Support Services, regarding the computer you plan to purchase.  You may provide a link (or quote) or if you require a recommendation for an IITS supportable unit, you may request that IITS provide you a quote for an Apple or Dell configuration.  Once the request is reviewed, you will recieve a quote (if applicable) along with a  notification indicating important information about your pending purchase that you will need to pay attention to prior to filling out a Technology Order Request.

Technology Order Request

Requests for new computer resources represent a fiscal committment on behalf of CSUSM funds.  This is true of the inital purchase, ongoing support, and future refresh of equipment if it is still on campus after 4 years.  The campus' Information Management Steering Committee (IMSC) has established the following procedure effective October 25, 2018.  All new one-time purchase computer requests must be approved within their own division prior to any action being taken by IITS or department to purchase or deploy equipment.

Once the review/approval notification is received from IITS, you may submit the required Technology Order Request  (if computer will be for research, you must select the research option).  The notification along with any quote or webpage link in PDF form are required to be attached to the Technology Order Request. Once the order is submitted, IITS will route requests to the appropriate fiscal authority,  as well as the Department Chair/Manager, Dean/AVP, and Provost/VP for eSignature approval.  The requestor and computer user will automatically receive a copy of the DocuSign approval or denial once it has  been reviewed at the VP Level.  Please check this notification to see if your request has been approved as you will not receive a separate notification from IITS.  If the request is approved at the VP level, the department can move forward with purchasing the computer.  The requestor will then be required to attach a PDF copy of the actual receipt (not quote) to complete the DocuSign process.  If not approved at the VP level, your form will be voided by IITS staff.  IITS IS UNABLE TO RELEASE COMPUTERS UNTIL ALL DOCUMENTATION IS COMPLETE.

Electing Support

If the unit will be on the campus network environment, it must be a system IITS supports and you must elect IITS support.   When you elect support, you MUST also purchase the 4-year warranty for PC's or the 3-year AppleCare warranty for Macs (same warranties provided through the campus refresh program).  Support includes IITS support, networking, software and licenses (everything available with your campus refresh computer).  The annual fee of $300 is payable through a CSUSM department or college only.  IITS will tag and image the unit, and install software to include:  Windows or Mac OS, Microsoft Office (Outlook), virus protection, internet browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome) and Adobe Creative Suite.

Declining Support

If the unit will NOT be on the campus network environment, you may decline support if you wish.  If the unit is not a standard system that IITS supports, you will not be eligible to elect campus support.  Units where support is declined will be returned to user "as-is" out of the box after tagging.   The unit will not be imaged and software will not be loaded.  The unit may only be connected to the campus network wirelessly and all service and support will be provided by some other means.  If University support is requested in the future, a service call fee of $150 will be assessed plus the cost of any replacement parts when you bring it to the Help Desk.  All computers must be tagged by IITS even if declining support.


All computers MUST be shipped to the University Receiving Department and are routed to IITS for property tagging before releasing the unit to the user. If for some reason you pick up the unit directly or it is delivered directly to your office before being tagged by IITS, please contact Mark Saffell directly to make arrangements for tagging and documentaton or drop the unit off at the Faculty Staff Help Desk PRIOR TO USING THE UNIT or taking the unit off campus.  Computers may not be shipped to the user's home address.

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