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One-Time Technology Purchases

07/01/2022: Requests for one-time purchases that fall outside of the campus standards are on-hold indefinitely.  IITS is re-assessing security vulnerabilities brought on by one-time purchase devices.

Professional Development Funds

The use of professional development funds will be allowed if the approval process above is followed prior to purchase and there will be no comingling of personal and campus funding.  At the time of reimbursement, the amount of professional development funding in conjunction with other campus funding if available, must be able to cover the entirety of the purchase. 

Papework, Tagging & Verification for Computers and iPads

Upon campus resuming normal oprations, any necessary paperwork and asset tagging for computers (or collection and verification of serial # information for iPads) must be completed.  Instructions will be forthcoming.

Computer Support

If the requestor wishes the computer to be on the campus network environment and/or to be supported by IITS once the campus returns to normal operations, the computer  must meet campus standards and a 4-year warranty for PC's or the 3-year AppleCare warranty for Macs must also be purchased.  Support includes IITS support, networking, software and licenses.  IITS will image the device, and install software to include logging in with your campus login, Microsoft Office, anti-virus, Adobe Creative Suite, and campus security updates and encyrption.

If the unit is not part of the campus standards, you will not be eligible to elect campus support. The unit may only be connected to the campus network wirelessly, and all support would be the responsibility of the requestor via the manufacturer.

Property Ownership

Reimbursed purchases will not be considered personal property.  All computers and technology purchased or reimbursed with State, auxiliary, or sponsored project funds are the property of the State of California (or CSUSM and its auxiliaries) and are not personal property.   

When an indivdiual leaves campus employment or no longer has a need for a one-time purchase, the technology or computers must be returned to the purchasing department.  If the department no longer has a need for a one-time purchase computer, the computer MUST be returned to IITS for decommissioning, proper e-waste disposal and to comply with State requirements.  Individuals should not recycle computers outside of IITS.  Failure to return a unit for decommisioning will result in a missing computer report being filed with the Chief Security Officer.