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Marisol Clark-Ibáñez, Ph.D

Marisol Clark-Ibáñez, Ph.D profile picture
Professor & Associate Chair CHABSS Sociology
(760) 750-4631 (760) 571-9049 (preferred) Social and Behavioral Science Building 4210
On sabbatical leave in Spring 2023.

About Dr. Marisol

Dr. Marisol Clark-Ibáñez is a full professor in the Sociology Department at California State University San Marcos.  Dr. Clark-Ibáñez is Peruvian-Irish-American, born in Lima, Perú, and grew up in Northern California. She is a Latina scholar focused on the areas of immigration, education, and social justice. 

Early in her career at CSUSM, she was the recipient of Faculty Advocate Award from the Educational Opportunity Program and Student Support Services (EOP/SSS). She was the recipient of the CSUSM President’s Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching Innovation and Excellence Award (2014/2015) and the Department of Sociology’s Vencerémos Award (2016). Recently, Dr. Clark-Ibáñez was selected as the CSUSM nominee for the CSU Wang Family Excellence Award for Outstanding Faculty Scholarship (2021). Additionally, she was honored to accept the Kerri Mowen Excellence in Faculty Mentoring award at CSUSM (2022).

From 2015-2017, Dr. Clark-Ibáñez was the Faculty Lead for the university’s US Department of Education Title V grant for Hispanic Serving Institutions called PASO (Pathways for Academic Success and Opportunity), where she created and oversees culturally validating programs related to Latinxs in teaching, student mentoring, and faculty development. 

Dr. Clark-Ibáñez was the Faculty Director of the National Latino Research Center (2016-2020) where she worked on applied and community participatory research projects in our region on such topics as Latinx civic engagement, elders, youth empowerment, education, and incarceration. 

For 10 years, she was the advisor to STAND, a student club dedicated to issue of undocumented immigrants. She currently coordinates a regional listserve, Education Without Borders, to inform educators, students, and families about the latest on immigration at the local level and beyond. Dr. Clark-Ibáñez is a proud board member for the Universal Unitarian Refugee & Immigration Services & Education (UURISE).

She is the author of numerous articles on education, children, and immigration. She published a book with a collective of students and community members called, Undocumented Latino Immigrants: Navigating Their Worlds (2015). She and Dr. Richelle Swan recently published Unauthorized: Portraits of Latino Immigrants (2019), which focuses on contemporary experiences of undocumented Latinx immigrants in the United States. She currently collaborates with Dr. Carolina Valdivia (UC Irvine) on the Undocu-Research Project. Dr. Clark-Ibáñez also collaborates with Dr. Youwen Ouyang (Computer Science) on projects related to CS education, culturally sustaining pedagogies, and CS faculty development.

Dr. Clark-Ibáñez finished her term as the Chair of the Department of Sociology (2018-2021), which is home to 2400 majors, approximately 40 faculty members, four undergraduate programs, and a Sociological Practice Master of Arts program. Her current interests are in the area of Computer Science education as it pertains to women and BIPOC college students, and the delivery of culturally sustaining CS courses at the CSU and in community colleges. 

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Reports and Other Highlights

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