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Jacqueline Trischman, Ph.D.

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Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry & Dean of CSTEM CSTEM College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
(760) 750-7204 Administrative Building 6211
Hours: Mon 9:15-10:15am, Thurs 1-2pm, or by appointment

About Jacqueline Trischman, Ph.D.

Jackie Trischman joined the CSUSM faculty in the Fall of 1995 after teaching organic chemistry and spectroscopy at Tulane University and UC San Diego. She has enjoyed working with colleagues to build the university from the ground up, but Jackie's greatest professional fulfillment stems from mentoring and teaching her students, both in the classroom and the laboratory setting.

  • Director of EngiBeering™ Program
  • Southern CA Conferences for Undergraduate Research (SCCUR) Board Member
  • San Diego ACS Board, Member-At-Large
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry Outreach Coordinator
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry Department Seminar Coordinator 2019-20
  • CSUSM Promotion & Tenure Committee
  • Coordinator of See Yourself in Science Mentoring Program for Women in Chemistry

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Ph.D., Marine Chemistry, 1993, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (UC San Diego) La Jolla, CA

B.S., Biochemistry, 1988, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Blacksburg, VA

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Relevant Publications

1. Trischman, J. A., Oeffner, R. E., deLuna, M. and Kazaoka, M. "Competitive induction and enhancement of indole and a diketopiperazine in marine bacteria." Mar Biotech., 2004, vol. 6, 3.

2. Moore, B. S., Trischman, J. A., Seng, D., Kho, D., Jensen, P. R., & W. Fenical. “Salinamides, Antiinflammatory Depsipeptides from a Marine Streptomycete.” J Org Chem, 1999, 64, 1145-1150.

3. Trischman, J. A., Jensen, P. R., & W. Fenical. "Guaymasol and Epiguaymasol: Aromatic Triols from a Deep-Sea Bacillus Isolate.”  Nat Prod Lett, 1998, 11, 279-284.

4. Trischman, J. A., Jensen, P. R., & W. Fenical. "Halobacillin: A Cytotoxic Cyclic Acylpeptide of the Iturin Class Produced by a Marine Bacillus."  Tetrahedron Lett, 1994, 35,5571-5574.

5. Trischman, J. A., Tapiolas, D. M., Jensen, P. R., Dwight, R., Fenical, W., McKee, T., Ireland, C., Stout, T. J., & J. Clardy.  "Salinamides A and B: Anti-Inflammatory Depsipeptides from a Marine Streptomycete." J Am Chem Soc, 1994, 116, 757-758.

6. Trischman, J. A.  " A Chemical Study of Microbial Antibiosis in Estuarine and Extreme Marine Environments."  Ph.D. Thesis. University of California, San Diego, 1993.

Relevant Recent Conferences and Symposia (students underlined)

Mellor, D. (presenter) & J. A. Trischman.  Selected for oral presentation. Antimycobacterial compounds isolated from marine bacteria and their potential role in biofilm formation. 255th  American Chemical Society (ACS) National Mtg, March 15-22, 2018, New Orleans, LA

Moorman, K. (presenter),  Paul, E., and J. A. Trischman. Selected for oral presentation.  Antimycobacterial compounds from a marine bacterium isolated from the surface of Ulva californica. 255th  ACS National Mtg, March 15-22, 2018, New Orleans, LA

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  • Chem 201: Organic Chemistry I
  • Chem 202: Organic Chemistry II
  • Chem 316: Chocolate: A Chemical Investigation
  • Chem 416: Instrumental Methods of Analysis – Separations and Structure
  • Chem 497: Chemistry in the Community
  • Chem 531: Biosynthesis of Natural Products

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Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry

August 2006 - Present, California State University, San Marcos, CA

  • Academic Senate Chair 2004-05, 2012-13
  • Department Chair  2006-2012
  • Faculty Director of EngiBeering Program, 2016-present

Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry

August 2001 - August 2006, California State University, San Marcos, CA

Assistant Professor of Chemsitry

August 1995 - August 2001, California State University, San Marcos, CA

Lecturer in Chemistry

August 1994 - August 1996 University of California, San Diego La Jolla, CA

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

July 1993 - July 1994 Tulane University New Orleans, LA


  • CSUSM Outstanding Service Learning Faculty Award, 2016
  • CSUSM Award for Outstanding Service, 2014
  • Athena Pinnacle Award for Individual in Education, May, 2010
  • San Diego-Imperial Girl Scout Council Thank You Award, 2008
  • San Diego American Chemical Society WRM Service Award, 2008
  • American Institute of Chemists Outstanding Senior Award, 1988
  • Marshall Hahn Engineering Scholarship, 1983
  • Phi Kappa Phi (1986-1988) and Gamma Beta Phi (1983-1988) Honor Societies

Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society, 1988-present; Secretary of SD Section, 2002-05, Chair 2006 
  • Western Regional Mtg Board Rep & Secretary, 2005-2016, SD Election Chair 2007 - Present
  • American Association of University Women, 1999 - Present

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