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Mission, Goals & Values


Project Rebound empowers formerly incarcerated students and those who are impacted by the criminal justice system by advocating for access to higher education and offering support services promoting academic success, holistic development, increased graduation rates, and continued success beyond the classroom. We provide a safe and inclusive space with guidance and mentorship in which we hold our students to a high standard of academic excellence and community engagement. By participating in this program, formerly incarcerated and system impacted students will set the example as a beacon of hope to create systemic change for those following in their footsteps.


By using education as a platform to encourage student development, civic engagement, and community support, Project Rebound will be at the forefront of challenging systemic issues of oppression in areas of education.



We honor and respect all members of our community and value the contributions their backgrounds and experiences bring to our work.


We commit to supporting and empowering all aspects of students’ holistic well-being; physical, mental and spiritual.


We create an environment in which students are seen and valued for their self- empowerment and achievement; erasing the stigma associated with incarceration.