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Students Interns

Jose Aguirre

jose aguirre

"As a CSUSM Surf Research intern, I gained a unique undergrad experience testing surf products created by our industry collaborators. It’s rewarding to know that the research I conduct as an intern will assist in future innovations of surf products that can ultimately improve the performance of surfers."

Alvin Padilla

alvin padilla

"Being a part of the Surf Research team here has been an unforgettable and rewarding experience. Being able to apply yourself outside of the classroom and at the forefront of scientific research in the action sports field is not something undergraduates get the chance of doing often."

Makaela Logan

makaela logan

"Being an intern for the surf research program on campus has allowed me to apply previous semesters of education with lab research. By collecting data in the field and at the flume for Hurley, we were able to test out brand new prototypes of wetsuit material that will change the efficiency and comfort for surfers. It is rewarding to know that our research and data collection will be used for their new wetsuits!"

Makenzie Kessler

makenzie smiling

Lindsay Richards

lindsay richards

"Most people think we'd be in it for the science. I'm in it for the donuts, shirts, and friendship."

Julian Binuya

jilian binuya

"This internship was a fun experience in which I was able to apply a majority of what I learned in the Kinesiology program. Also... never ever pull the cover completely off of the flume."