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Modern Language Studies (MLS)

MLS Placement Exam

The purpose of the Modern Language Studies (MLS) Placement exam is to move from a lower level language course, into a higher-level language course for French, German and Spanish. The exam is open to all students who need to meet a language requirement for their major and is offered online through WebCape with a $10 exam fee. If you are interested in taking this exam, please email


MLS Proficiency Exam

The purpose of the Modern Language Studies (MLS) Proficiency exam in language is to test out the language requirement. The MLS Written Proficiency Test (WPT) offers 20 languages through Language Testing International. The exam fee is $108 and an additional $10 for the certificate. If for some reason a language is not offered, there will be an option for an oral proficiency exam. For more information, please email

Information for students requiring special accommodations to take the MLS due to a disability is available: MLS DSS