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California State University San Marcos prides itself on providing a nurturing academic setting for students of all kinds. With this wide audience range in mind, CSUSM also pays careful attention to making sure that its campus facilities, along with online content, is accessible to those with special needs.

The CSU requires faculty to provide accessible materials as part of their Assistive Technology Initiative (ATI). The Assistive Technology Initiative calls for accessible classroom materials at the point of course redesign, when a student needs such accessible materials, or by the fall of 2012. Accessible material includes all course materials and university websites. Existing material may need to be revised or reformatted to allow access to all viewers/students. These formats may include: Braille, enlarged fonts, electronic copies, audio copies, or captioning of videos, and may be processed through the Etext team.

Web Accessibility

The Web Accessibility team spends the majority of their time ensuring the accessibility of all university related web sites, web content, and web applications for people with disabilities. These committed individuals also offer up universal design and accessibility services where staff and faculty can submit their content to be checked or edited for accessibility.


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