Arts & Lectures: Call for Proposals, AY 13-14

On behalf of the Arts & Lectures Advisory Committee, we will soon welcome your proposals for AY13-14 season.  As past practice, CSUSM appreciates and relies on your expertise and knowledge in various fields to create excellent and diverse programming. 
As you may know, Arts & Lectures has undergone significant program changes  with the newly inaugurated "pilot" ticketing system. With the support of funding by the Instructionally Related Activities Fee, CSUSM student tickets will remain free.   The goal of this approach is to best serve students by ensuring access to excellent co-curricular opportunities through an efficient registration process that will lead to a sustained and increased support for the future of the program.
The proposal will be updated to reflect the needs of various campus entities that support the program.   Therefore, we request that you carefully review the updated proposal form well ahead of time so that you correspond with your proposed guest lecture/artist(s) regarding the technical details and other matters that have an impact on curatorial factors.    
Should you have any questions regarding the academic relevance or programmatic visions for your event, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  For questions regarding event logistics, please contact Marilyn Huerta, Arts & Lectures Coordinator at 760.750.8889 or
We look forward to your proposals.

-Karen Schaffman
Karen Schaffman, Ph.D.
Professor, Dance Studies
Visual & Performing Arts Department
Chair, Arts & Lectures Advisory Committee
California State University San Marcos

Proposal Guidelines and Criteria

Since the inception of CSUSM, the Arts and Lectures Series has provided the campus and community an array of innovative art, lectures, and cultural events. In 2004, the program became committee driven, and events are curated through a call for proposals.  Proposals are welcome from faculty, staff, and students from all departments as well the public.

The Arts & Lectures Committee can fund requests up to $2,000 for performance/lecture fees and up to $300.00 for necessary tech support and facility costs. Events costing more than $2,300 should include co-sponsorship. 

The following are standard practices of the Office of Arts & Lectures:

  • Arts & Lectures provides financial support for standard audio/visual fees for on-campus A&L-sponsored events as well as customary publicity costs (semester brochure and web site postings).
  • A&L will provide a PDF of the promotional flyer/poster.
  • A&L aspires to keep most events free of charge.
  • A&L events are geared towards students, faculty, and staff, and also open to the general public.
  • A&L encourages co-sponsored events and events that are in partnership with community organizations.
  • A&L encourages student proposals that are linked to a faculty member or a student organization.
  • A follow-up event evaluation is required of event proposers within two weeks of the event. (A&L will provide this form).
  • A&L relies on the proposer's participation in the coordination and production of the funded event with A&L.
  • A&L strives to promote campus initiatives and diverse programming.
  • A&L cannot provide funding or support for receptions or food.
  • A&L does not coordinate travel, housing or transportation.
  • Funding is based on a year-by year basis.  Events previously funded are welcome, but funding is not guaranteed based on prior acceptance.
  • Proposers may submit multiple applications for separate events

The following are expectations of the Proposer:

  • Specify desired room location, date, and time of event.
  • Act as a liaison between A&L and guest artist/speaker.
  • Ensure International Guests have proper work documentation for payment.  (To determine what documents are needed, visit
  • Ensure guests contracts are completed and returned at least 10 days prior to the event.
  • Provide A&L with description of event and pictures for promotional events. (DVD’s of performance are appreciated).
  • Identify and contact (email) classes/professors who would be interested in this topic or event (cc Arts & Lectures).
  • Invite special campus/community groups to attend (cc Arts & Lectures).
  • Provide two student volunteer assistants.
  • Copy A&L on all promotional communications.
  • Place A&L logo on all promotional event materials.
  • Meet required deadlines.
In order to be eligible for future funding in the next Arts & Lectures Proposal cycle, your are required to provide a follow-up “Proposer Final Report”  within four weeks following the event. Faculty who assign events to their classes are encouraged to use the Student Survey as this will provide Academic Affairs with information on the impact of the program.  These forms are posted on the website.  If you need copies, please contact the Office of Arts & Lecture

Completed "Proposal for Event Funding AY 13-14" forms will be due by: March 22, 2013.

Proposal forms should be submitted electronically and via hard copy to Marilyn Huerta at

For further information, please contact Marilyn Huerta, Administrative Support Coordinator, x8889 or Dr. Karen Schaffman, Chair, Arts and Lectures Committee, x8009.