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Accessibility at CSUSM

Campus Accessibility - A Shared Responsibility!

Accessibility Statement

California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) is committed to ensuring that the campus web environment is accessible to everyone, especially those with disabilities. As a community, we work together to address the usability and accessibility of the web sites contained within CSUSM’s web environment.

The CSU requires faculty to provide accessible materials as part of their Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI). The Accessibile Technology Initiative calls for accessible classroom materials and includes all course materials and university websites. Existing material may need to be revised or reformatted to allow access to all viewers/students.


All campus and community members have a part in creating accessible, usable information.

What are accessibility issues?

Accessibility issues consist of:

  • Documents or site content not optimized for screen readers
  • Videos that are not captioned
  • Images without alternative text
  • Color contrast issues
  • Poorly coded web pages or products that create barriers for user experience
  • and more

Report an Issue

Students, faculty, staff, and general site users can report accessibility issues that are encountered within university-affiliated websites.