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Username & Password/Passphrase

How to Create or Change Your Password/Passphrase

Please login using the link below to create or change your password/passphrase.  Please note that if you are a student, you will need to login using instead of on this portal.   

Create or Change Password/Passphrase

Passphrase/Password Change Guide

Self-Service Password/Passphrase Reset

Be sure you are enrolled in the self-service password/passphrase reset portal so that you can recover your account in the event that you forget your password/passphrase!

Self Service Password/Passphrase Change & Recovery

Account Recovery Guide



Beginning on 12/08/2020, CSUSM is enforcing a new passphrase/password standard which offers a greater flexibility in phrasing along with a reduced need to change or update your passphrase as often.  

  • Passwords/Passphrases will be valid for one year.
  • Passwords/Passphrases must be a minimum of 15 characters, a maximum of 32.
  • Passwords/Passphrases do not require capital or lowercase letters or special characters.
  • Passwords/Passphrases must not contain simple patterns or easy-to-guess phrases (i.e. password1234)

How to Protect Your Account

Passwords alone no longer provide adequate protection against cyberhacking. DUO multi-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your CSUSM account. These two factors of verification include something you know – your username and password – and something you have – a phone with the DUO app or a key fob.

When signing into campus systems that have DUO enabled, you will be prompted to confirm your login by sending a push notification to your registered smartphone or entering the passcode displayed in the DUO app (or on your key fob). More information about DUO and multi-factor authentication can be found on the IITS for You webpage.

You can help protect your identity and your information by following a few simple rules: