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How to Change Your Password

  1. Click the button/link below to create or change your password:
    Create or Change Password
  2. Sign in with your campus email address

password change step1

3. Select the first option - Work or School Account.

password change step2

4. Enter your email address password as shown below.

password change step3

5. Satisfy the Duo multi-factor authentication request - select either option below.

password change step4

iOS Duo Push Example                                                                iOS Duo Mobile App Passcode Example

password change step5                                            password change step6

6. If you are using your personal machine, select Yes to stay signed in.  We recommend not to select this option if you are using a public system.

password change step7

7. Click the Gear icon located next to your username.

8. Click 'Change Password'

9. Enter your old (current) password, then enter your new password in both fields.

  • Passwords/phrases will be valid for one year.
  • Passwords/phrases must be a minimum of 15 characters, a maximum of 32.
  • Passwords/phrases do not require capital or lowercase letters or special characters.

password change step9

10. You're done!  Your password will now update on all campus systems.  Please be sure to update all of your devices that may store your campus username and password.

  • Outlook
  • Teams
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Campus WiFi profile on your mobile device