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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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 Video Walkthrough

Please watch this video for a step-by-step walkthrough of the whole Duo installation and configuration process. 




STEP 1. Downloading the Duo Mobile App on your Phone         

  • Download the "Duo Mobile" App (iOS & Android)

    Downloading the "Duo Mobile" App    Duo icon

    Install the Duo Mobile on your iPhone or Android device by following the instructions below. 

    • How to Install Duo Mobile on iOS (iPhone)

      1. Go to the App Store located on your home screen

       app store app

         2. Search for "Duo Mobile" and tap on the green Duo Mobile app.  

         3.  Click "Install" when you see the Duo Mobile App Store page.

          4. Once the app is installed successfully, you will see a blue button marked OPEN. 

      IMPORTANT NOTE: To successfully utilize the Duo Mobile App after installing it on your phone, you will need a link provided to you by IITS during your Duo Mobile walkthrough.  




    • How to Install Duo Mobile on Android

      1.Go to the Google Play Store app located in your applications.

      2. Search for "Duo Mobile" and click on the green Duo Mobile app

      When you see the Duo Mobile Google Play page, click "Install"

      3.. Once the app is successfully installed, you will see a green Open button.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: To successfully utilize the Duo Mobile app after installing it on your phone, you will need a link provided to you by IITS during your Duo Mobile walkthrough.


  • If you encounter an error installing the app

    Updating your Phone

    The DUO app works best when your phone is up to date. 

    Here's how to update the operating system on a mobile device for:

    • How to Update iOS (iPhone)

      1. Go to your Settings menu by clicking on the Gear icon on your home screen.

      2. Tap General



      3. Tap "Software Update"



      4. Tap "Download and Update" to begin the update. It will download, install, and restart your phone, then you're good to go.

      If your phone is up to date, you will see a "Your software is up to date" message," and you can proceed to download the DUO app (Step 2).




    • How to Update Android OS

       1. To update your operating system on a Android mobile device, go to your Settings menu.

      2. In Settings, tap on "System Updates"



      3. Tap "Check for System Updates"



      4. If your software is out-of-date, it will give you an option to update it immediately or later. Proceed to update the operating system immediately if possible.



STEP 2. Configuring Duo (requires a special link or code provided to you in a CougarBot text message or by our Help Desk)

  • Configuring DUO

    This part of Duo enrollment requires a special link you will either receive through a CougarBot chatbot text message or provided to you through our Help Desk during business hours.  

     1. Type the bitly link provided in the text message into a Computer Browser. 

    2. Once you visit that address, Sign in with your CSUSM credentials (if you're already signed in, you might not see this step)

    csusm sign in page

    3. Click the Start Setup button. If you see a page asking you to choose an authentication method, skip to Step 11

     Start setup page

     4. Select the type of device you will be using (in the example below, we are using a mobile phone).

    choose the type of device you are using

      5. Enter your phone number in the field below and pay careful attention to make sure it is entered correctly.  Once verified, select the option to continue.

    enter your phone number

     6. Please specify the type of phone you will be using.  Click continue and you will be prompted to launch the Duo App on your phone.

    what type of phone do you have

    7. Click the "I have Duo Mobile installed" and then open the Duo Mobile app on your phone

    pre QR code screen

    8. Click the + on your DUO app and Scan the QR code (large square symbol) on the webpage with your phone camera. If successful, you will see a green checkmark on the QR code.

    activate with qr code

    For iPhone and Android: Your Duo Mobile app will require your permission to utilize your camera, so click Allow when prompted.

    For iPhone only: Your Duo Mobile app will also require your permission to send Notifications, so click Allow when prompted.

    9. Click on the bar next to "When I log in"

    Screen with always remember toggle

    10. Select "Ask me to choose an authentication method"

    screen with always ask me toggle

    11. This is the screen you will normally see when logging in. Click "Send me a Push."

    Duo success screen 

    12. If you have successfully configured Duo, you should receive a notification on your phone. Open the app and tap on the green Approve button 


    13. Return to your computer screen. If you see the Success message below, you've successfully set up Duo on your phone.

    duo success screen

    Every time you are required to use it,  you will see the image below. 

    Duo success screen

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you select Duo Push, you will not be using the number code shown to you by default on your Duo Mobile app. 

  • Using DUO Push and DUO Passcodes

    Send me a Push

    If you chose Send me a Push as your authentication process, you will be receiving a Notification on your phone through the Duo Mobile app. 

    If your phone is locked, you will see a request on your locked screen.

    lock page notification

     1. Tap on the Notification. The Duo Mobile app will open.

      2. Click the green "Approve" button at the bottom of the screen (see screenshot below). You will now be                 logged in. 



    If you receive a push request while having the app open

      1. You will see a  green bar that says “Request Waiting. Tap to Respond…”

              tap to respond

       2. Tap on the green bar.

        3. Click green "Approve" button

    Enter a Passcode

    If you chose Enter a Passcode,

     1. Open your Duo Mobile App 

     2. Tap on the CSUSM bar.

    duo bar

     3. Copy the 6 digit number from your Duo Mobile app in your Duo computer prompt.     

    duo code screen               

     4. Click “Log In”. You will now be logged in.


Troubleshooting & Support

  • If you're locked out of DUO, please wait 90 minutes and try logging in again.
    • After 90 minutes have passed, if you are using DUO push and getting locked out, try to use the Passcode method instead. 

Duo locked out banner 


Additional Resources & Guides



  • Where do I go to install the app on my Mobile Device?

  • Do I need a smartphone to use Duo?

    If you have no smartphone, your smartphone is too old (iOS 10 and older or Android 5 and older), or you would prefer not to use your personal smartphone with the Duo Mobile app, you may request a hardware token (key fob) to use instead.  

    Faculty/Staff :

    Students :

  • What Happens If I Lose or Forget My Phone?

    If you lose your phone or suspect it has been stolen, contact the helpdesk at 760-750-4790 immediately. The team can disable your phone from being able to authenticate with multi-factor authentication and can assist you with logging in with another method.

  • How do I allow my Duo on my browser to remember me for 24 hours?

    To avoid being prompted by Duo multiple times a day, select the checkbox next to Remember Me for 24 hours during log-in.

    Due to some technical limitations on Remember Me for 24 hours:

    • It won’t carry over between different computers, or when switching between web browsers (from Chrome to Firefox, for example).

    • It may not carry over between different internet providers, campus services, if you block cookies, or are using Incognito mode.

  • What if I need to change my phone number?

    Please contact the helpdesk at 760-750-4790. After verifying your identity, we will change your phone number and also assist with setting up Duo Mobile.

  • What if I cannot scan the QR code?

    If you are unable to scan the QR code for any reason, there is alternative way by sending a code to your CSUSM email:

    1. When you are prompted in the CSUSM app, click "Take me to Duo mobile"

    Take me to Duo


    2. Next, you will be prompted to scan the QR code, but since you are on the mobile device and cannot scan it, click the link Email me an activation link instead.

    Email Duo Code


    3. Please input your CSUSM email address to send the code to. Once you receive that code, please input that code on the following screen. You will then have activated Duo!

    Input Email Code

  • Duo gave me a prompt "We have detected some security issues with your device"

    If you are getting prompted by Duo at the bottom of the Duo Mobile app, click "Fix Now" 

     iOS Fix Now

    It will show exactly what the issue is (below is an example of iOS being out of date)

     iOS issue detected

    Below explains the importance of updating the OS version of your phone to ensure attackers cannot exploit vulnerabilities.

    why should I update iOS screen

  • What if I don't have a cellular connection?

    The DUO mobile app has a feature that will give you a special number to input for offline use. 

    Take me to Duo

  • If you require assistance from an administrator

    Please fill out this MFA Identity Verification Form. Once the form is submitted, our staff will review the submission and attempt to verify your identity using our verification tool.  If successful, we will contact you using the provided email address to send updates regarding your request to modify MFA settings.

    MFA Identity Verification Form