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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

how duo works

DUO multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an additional method of verifying your identity and protecting your information when you log into  CSUSM sytems and websites. 

All students, staff, and faculty accessing CSUSM systems and application are required to use multi-factor authentication. 

  • I Need to Set Up DUO

    Self Service DUO setup is currently available for newly admitted students.  Current Students, Staff and Faculty, please  review the " I Need Help with DUO" information.

    Step 1: Log in to your MyCSUSM

    Step 2: Click on DUO Self Enrollment, located under Quick Links.

    student Center Duo link

    Step 3: Select Register Smartphone with app in the How do you want to enroll in MFA? menu.

    Step 4: At the bottom of that screen, select the mobile phone number that you will use for DUO.

    Step 5: Click Enroll

     Duo set up screen 1

    Step 6: Follow the instructions to download the DUO mobile phone app and enroll in DUO.

    Self-Enrollment Check DUO Setup
  • How do I know if DUO is setup correctly?

    If already enrolled,  Log in to your MyCSUSM to the DUO self enrollment page.  You will see this message.  Click the “check DUO setup"

    Check DUO Setup

    DUO Send push

    1. Send a push (recommended)

    Push notification

    2. Push any key when responding to the phone call

    3. Send enter a passcode:

    DUO refreshing passcode

    Success message

    If you get an error at any point in the process, please check additional information on this page or contact the help desk.

  • I Got a New Phone and Need to Reset DUO

    You can add your new phone by going to "My Settings and Devices" at the DUO prompt and following these instructions:

    NOTE:  If you're adding a new device to replace one that you previously activated for Duo Push, don't select the Duo Push authentication method on this page unless you still have the original device. If you don't have the original device, but you have a new device with the same phone number, then you can authenticate with a phone call.

    My Settings & Devices

    New Phone My Settings and Devices

  • I am Locked Out of DUO
    If you're locked out of DUO, please wait 90 minutes and try logging in again.


    After 90 minutes have passed, if you are using DUO push and getting locked out, try to use the Passcode method instead. 

    Duo locked out banner 

  • I Need Help with DUO

    If you encounter any issues enrolling in Duo, including the error message above, please:

    1. fill out our DUO Identity Verification Form. 

    DUO Identity Verification Form 

      2. Once the form is submitted, our staff will review the submission and attempt to verify your identity using our verification tool.  If successful, we will contact you using the provided email address to send updates regarding your request.

    Chat: Helpdesk Teams Chat (Instructions on how to access via Microsoft Teams)
    Email: (fac-staff)
    Email: (students)

    Phone: 760.750.4790


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