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Associated Students, Inc.

Established in 1991, Associated Students Inc. is a non-profit, student-run auxiliary of California State University San Marcos. ASI's mission in concise yet impactful:  To serve, engage and empower students. ASI is the official voice to express student opinions, foster awareness of student issues, protect the rights and interests of students, and deliver programs which promote a campus climate that meets the educational, social, and cultural well-being of all students.

As a primary entity of campus life, ASI affords students a variety of ways to serve their communities, engage in the diverse life of the University and empower themselves as a student leaders who leave their legacies at Cal State San Marcos.

Students involved in ASI serve CSUSM students by engaging in lobbying for student concerns at local and state levels, planning and delivering social, educational, recreational, and cultural programming, participating in student leadership academics and retreats, and advocating for social justice throughout our communities.

Explore our site. Contact us. Join us. Become a voice of student service, engagement, and empowerment at Cal State University San Marcos.

You are the future of ASI!

Mission, Values and Vision

Mission Statement

Serve, engage and empower students.

Core Values
  • Advocacy: Hear, adopt and protect relevant student issues and concerns.
  • Communication: Facilitate clear and effective communication regarding pertinent issues among students, administration, faculty, staff and the community.
  • Diversity: Promote interaction among various ideologies, perspectives and backgrounds while maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment.
  • Efficiency: Provide continuous improvement on processes and services in a consistent, cost-effective and productive manner.
  • Social Justice: Advocate for and commit to creating, sustaining and strengthening open inclusive, safe and affirming environments for everyone of diverse communities such as, but not limited to: Race, gender identities and expressions, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, ethnicity, religion, language, sexual orientation, marital status or veteran status.
  • Visionary: Anticipate and address changes through strategic planning aimed at meeting the needs of current and future generations of students.
  • Unity: Effectively work as a team, in solidarity with our student body, promoting healthy university experiences through leading by positive example and visibly representing one banner together.
Vision Statement

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) will be recognized by students as their advocate; an entity that upholds the needs of students as its first priority, while leading a collective effort to build campus life. ASI will expand learning opportunities through co-curricular programming and will foster campus pride. Committed to its core values, ASI will strive to ensure that students’ needs are at the forefront as the future of the campus is developed and realized. As an organization that facilitates learning, ASI will expand its business enterprises and opportunities for student engagement and leadership development in order for its members to maximize their potential and promote their success. ASI will continue to adhere to the principle that collaborative efforts, combined with strong leadership, result in exponential change. Through the vehicle of service, ASI will be recognized as a leader and role model at the local and state level by working as a powerful force to preserve access to quality, higher education for students throughout California.