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Reporting Transparency

Associated Students, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  As a student-run auxiliary of California State University San Marcos, ASI is committed to transparency in all of its operations.  Our website provides links to corporate documents, financial reports and tax returns.

Please visit CSUSM's Public Record Requests webpage for additional information:

Public Record Request

Corporate Documents:

Articles of Incorporation
Codes of Governance
Conflict of Interest Policy
IRS Form 1023
IRS Tax Determination Letter
Organizational Chart

Financial Reports:

Audited Financial FYE 2007
Audited Financial FYE 2008
Audited Financial FYE 2009
Audited Financial FYE 2010
Audited Financial FYE 2011
Audited Financial FYE 2012
Audited Financial FYE 2013

Tax Returns:

Form 990 FY 05/06
Form 990 FY 06/07
Form 990 FY 07/08
Form 990 FY 08/09
Form 990 FY 09/10
Form 990 FY 10/11
Form 990 FY 11/12
Form 990 FY 12/13