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Student Learning Outcomes

Anthropology Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology will be able to

1. Analyze how human universals, such as world view concepts of self and other, the we/they dichotomy; sex; gender; world view concepts of self and other, relationship, classification,  causation, space and time; subsistence (economic production and environmental interaction);political organization; social organization; kinship; and religion, affect human thought and behavior.

2. Communicate — via speaking, writing, and other media — anthropological perspective including holism, cultural relativism and cross-cultural human phenomena.

3. Demonstrate via communication and writing an understanding about culture in terms of its learned, symbolic, dynamic, and integrated nature.

4. Identify the ethical issues surrounding anthropological investigation and the relationship between the anthropologist and the subject or subjects.

5. Work collaboratively with local organizations and agencies on long-term community-based research projects involving ethnolographic field research.

6. Apply and integrate quantitative and qualitative data analysis, literature research, writing, and speaking to real world issues.