Program Review

The purpose of the Periodic Review (PR) at CSUSM is to allow departments to focus and reflect on the quality of student learning in their degree programs. The PR process requires departmental discussions that focus on the knowledge, skills and abilities that we expect of our graduates. These discussions center on carefully selected aspects of the degree programs, they are anchored in systematically gathered evidence of student learning, and they extend over several months.

Academic Master Plan
External Reviewer Guidelines
Program Review Policy and Guidelines - Policy PAC 133-97 - Effective 8/16/2011
Program Evaluation and Planning Guidelines - 1998/99
Appendix A: Program Data Notebook -  4/20/11
Program Review Comparison Chart - 04/20/11
Program Review Flowchart
Program Review Timeline
Self Study Sample
Developing Student Learning Outcomes
Student Learning Outcomes Matrix
WASC Rubric for Assessing the Quality of Academic Program Learning Outcomes
WASC Rubric for Assessing the Integration of Student Learning Assesment into Program Reviews