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Data Resources and More

The first place to begin gathering data could be the homepage of Institutional Planning & Analysis (IPA). A wealth of information is available on this site and you can also contact them for more. Some sources to consider:

The Reporting and Data Analytics Repository is developing as a one-stop center for campus data. Currently the Student Profile is available via RaDar and provides information about key characteristics (gender, class level, major, etc.) of all enrolled students at Cal State San Marcos by Fall term. More data will be added. This short videoi shows how to conduct a search.

Numerous surveys are conducted on a regular basis that may provide important data for your consideration. Data from these surveys can provide a starting point for assessment.  IPA may be able to provide information from these surveys specifically tailored to students in your academic degree program. Longitudinal information is also available. The College Senior survey (see video) and the Freshman survey (see video) are both distributed annually by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA. CSUSM Institutional Planning & Analysis administers the Student Opinion survey and the Alumni survey. Other surveys conducted on an irregular basis can also provide data such as the Campus Climate survey.

National Survey of Student Engagement is another survey that CSUSM administers regularly to both first year students and seniors. Their website has numerous reports which may be of interest and can be used to compare institutional results with national results.  Divided into 28 different question categories a tailored report can be generated to provide special insight into student’s perceptions of their work (see video).

Some data sources can provide comparison data. College Insight providing national data on diversity, affordability and student success. You can search by topic, compare by institutions in any state, or create your own data charts.  RAND California Community College Enrollment Statistics, a database of community college statistics. California Postsecondary Education Commission includes rates of high school graduates attending college from throughout state, by congressional district, and much more. System-wide data is available from the Chancellor's Office.

Note also that CSUSM is required to provide standardized reports such as the Common Data Sets and the WASC tables. These are also available to you but may not be useful for assessment and program review.

i All videos are less than 5 minutes in length.