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History Department

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in History will be able to

1. Analyze historical processes that shape individuals and communities, drawing on detailed knowledge about the history of the United States and other parts of the world.

2. Research and think critically about varieties of experience found in the historical record, exploring diversity as a critical component of history.

3. Develop and defend historical arguments, understanding the philosophical assumptions of historical interpretation.

4. Articulate their understanding of the past clearly and convincingly.

5. Incorporate new digital and multimedia formats into the practice and presentation of history.

6. Apply historical analysis as a framework to further both lifelong learning and civic engagement.

Students who graduate with a Master of Arts in History will have

1. Advanced understanding of historical theory and historiography and/or historical pedagogy.

2. Content knowledge in at least one area and/or subspecialty in the historical human experience.

3.Understanding of the critical study of the history of media/mass culture/new media technology.

4. Practice the application of some form of new media technology to the historical field.

5. Advanced historical research and writing skills.

6. Gain skills in presenting historical research to the public through one of more of these methods: traditional written research thesis, new media historically based project, historically based internship in a public or private agency, and/or in a experience in an educational setting. 

Fall 2008