Getting Started With TypeFocus


TypeFocus helps you discover your personality type and what careers fit your natural strengths. TypeFocus brings it all together in a program that helps you make good career choices and improve retention rates for students.

  1. Go to Click on the "New Users Start Here" link.
  2. Complete the required information.  For your access code, enter:   Sm92 

    Record the following information to log into the program each time:
    E-mail address:

  3. Click:  "Submit" and you are now registered.
  4. Now you are at your Homepage where there are directions to guide you through the program.
  5. Complete THREE assessments:  Personality, Interest and Values:
    • Click:  "Self Assessments" and then "Personality Assessment".  Click: "Start" and complete the questionnaire.  When you are finished, you will see: "Your personality assessment completed successfully" followed by a "Personality Results" screen.
    • Click: "Self Assessments" and then "Interests Assessment". Read the directions on the page and complete the card sort exercise.  When you are finished, you will see: "Your interests were submitted successfully" followed by the "Interests Results" screen.
    • Click:  "Self Assessments" and then "Values Assessment".  Read the directions on the page and complete the values preferences.  When you are finished, you will see the "Values Results" screen.
  6. To print your results for all three assessments, click on "Portfolio" and then click "Assessment Results".  Click:  "Print Report" in the upper right corner.  Bring this results page to class.
  7. The TypeFocus program has lists of occupations relating to your personality type, interests and values. You can explore them in the tab: Explore Occupations > Assessment Results > Assessments.  Then select one of these to explore and compare: Personality, Interests, or Values. You can even combine results of the different assessments and get different lists of suggested occupations. Just choose, on the left side of the page, which assessment results you want to combine to see the occupational results.
  8. You may come back to the TypeFocus site through the "Returning Users, Login!" tab. Use your email address and password from above.
  9. If you want to change your password, this can be done by clicking on "My Account" in the top blue banner.  Your email address cannot be changed.