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To inspire, challenge and prepare all students and alumni to navigate the path from college to career with clarity, competence and confidence.  To achieve this, the Career Center will Guide and educate students and alumni to make informed decisions and find career fulfillment through exploration of their knowledge, skills, interests and values, and through the acquisition of experiential learning. Provide resources and services that engage students and alumni to transform their passion, education and skills into purposeful opportunities.   Intentionally develop relationships with faculty, staff, alumni and employers to provide opportunities for our students. Strive to be a community demonstrating respect for all by creating a safe, supportive and energetic environment.  


Respect We will value all members of our community and create an environment of care, respect, and empathy.We highly regard individuals and their contributions. 
Integrity Sincerity, trust, and honesty are the foundation of our work.  Our actions reflect good judgment, are congruent with professional standards, and match our expressed commitments. 
Student-Centered Students are central to our mission.  We are committed to our students’ well-being, holistic development, and learning.

Pamela K. Wells
Pamela K. Wells
Office: Craven 1400-B
(760) 750-4892
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Diana Sanchez
Diana Sanchez
Associate Director/Career Counselor, College of Education, Health and Human Services (CoEHHS) Liaison
Office: CRA 1400-P
(760) 750-4893
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Mine Her
Mine Her
Employer Relations Specialist
Office: CRA 1400-C
(760) 750-4967
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Karin Iwasaka
Karin Iwasaka
Career Counselor, College of Business Administration (CoBA) Liaison
Office: CRA 1400-N
(760) 750-4894
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Joshua Galea'i
Joshua Galea'i
Career Counselor, College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences (CHABSS) Liaison
Office: CRA 1400-F
(760) 750-7628
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Lisa Punelli
Lisa Punelli
Career Counselor, College of Science & Math (CSM) Liaison
Office: CRA 1400-M
(760) 750-4878
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Heather Starr
Heather Starr
Career Counselor, Liaison to Veteran Services and
College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences (CHABSS)
Office: CRA 1400-D
(760) 750-4897
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Brenda Dumas
Brenda Dumas
Recruiting & Events Coordinator
Office: CRA 1400-V
(760) 750-4901
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Monica Gillie
Monica Gillie
Student Services Coordinator
Office: CRA 1400- W
(760) 750-4896
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Erica Cullwell
Erica Cullwell
Technology Coordinator
Office: CRA 1400-E
(760) 750-7629
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Priscilla Brito
Pricsilla Brito
Administrative Support Assistant
Undergraduate Advising Services & Career Center
Office: CRA 1400
(760) 750-4900